Friday, April 22, 2011

Ol' Jove Is a Baaad Mofo

Tonight, on the day in the hour of Jupiter, I had the honor of taking part in my first weekly Group Working as a new member of The Gentlemen For Jupiter. Although G4J is still in its infancy (not yet a month old), I have to say that I am startled by the force and current it seems to have attracted so rapidly, and I am greatly honored to have been invited to join. In keeping with my full disclosure, no punches pulled attitude toward the manifestation of this blog, I have to admit that while I readily accepted the offer to join with no hesitation, I did so with little expectation of any real or tangible magickal advantages coming of my participation.

Perhaps because I've never worked in such a group (long distance) before, I had doubts about whether Magi of such different flavors as Exorcists, Neo-Platonists and Grimoiric Magi like myself, working hundreds and even thousands of miles apart, could form a cohesive unit and contribute to each others empowerment under such circumstances. I have to say that although my first actual work within the group is only a few hours old, I was wrong. I don't understand the mechanics of how it works, but I know that it does.

In tonight's work, each of the participants was free to make use of whatever conjurations and rites we prefer and are most comfortable with; Each of us operating in one of the hours of Jupiter most convenient for us individually. The only thing linking the work I did to RO's, Jason Miller's, and everyone elses was a set of common sigils. This link, albeit a small one considering the great variance between our styles of work, was apparently enough to tie us in and unite us under a friendly and benevolent Jovian current. Although I take pride in my powers of articulation, I am, at the moment, struggling to come up with a way to express what I mean and why I say this was a success, so for lack of a better metaphor (and because I am goddamn tired) let me settle on tonight's work "tasted" different. I have only ever approached the Sphere of Jupiter from one angle, in one way, MY way. And so the resultant "taste" of my success was equally one sided. It provided me with what I sought and got me the result I needed, but was representative of only one aspect of Jupiter's power, and thus it was less than what it could have been.

In order to better explain just what the hell it is I am trying to say, let me compare the situation to something we can all relate to. FOOD! Yeah I'm a fat kid on the inside despite my athletic and greek-god like figure. Now... Wait wait, you in the back with your hand raised, what is it? What..? Well, yes I did say greek-god like fig.. Hey bite me wiseass its my blog I can take literary license with such trivialities whensoever I please, now sit down and shut up!

Ok ok forgive the interruptions, back to the point at hand. Imagine you're hungry. Skipped lunch and you're having a serious big mac attack. It being late and you being too lazy to explore other culinary options, you decide to go with your old standby - A microwaved hot pocket. Will it satisfy your immediate need for sustenance? Absolutely. It has worked for you on countless occasions. Get hungry, nuke a hot pocket. Got the job done, nothing special or overly exciting, but it does work so why mess with success?

Now imagine the same scenario, skipped lunch again, aforementioned big mac attack in full force and in serious need of nourishment. Except this time, you happen to be with a group of your friends, and just as you've mastered that delicious hot pocket, each of them happens to have their very own such dish. So rather than making yourself a 2 minute microwave masterpiece and being content with being full, even if in a rather tasteless way, each of you sets about hooking up their own specialty. Different cuisines, different styles, different perspectives, all working in their own way, but collaboratively. In the end, rather than your filling but rather limited usual, you have a freakin buffet on your hands.

Such was my conundrum in my past approaches to planetary magick; I got my fill, got the result I wanted and was successful in what I did, but allowed myself to become content with what I had and forgot the cardinal rule which is NEVER settle for what you have, always reach higher. Tonight when working with the Jovian current alongside practitioners of such widely varying forms, I got to taste a little of each floating around in the Sphere of Jupiter, and I gotta say I like it. It was like one complimented the other. It was like Grimoiric, Neo-Platonic, Planetary, GD and Thelemic Magics all merged with Strategic Sorcery and wrapped me up in a big blue glowing ball of Jovial goodness.

Still love the hot pocket, but for the love of god RO's cheese fries kick ass!

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