Sunday, May 15, 2011

Further Adventures With Furry Familiars

A while back I posted a summary of my experiences using Frater RO's "Communion of Mage & Beast", detailing my use of Magick to obtain a few moments with an old friend, now deceased. Following the success of that working, I knew that Animal Magick would become a part of my Magickal repertoire as a whole, since I am a true blue dog lover. The next experiment I undertake, though, will not involve dogs at all.

I've decided that it behooves me to secure a familiar from among the animal kingdom. Despite the success of the former rite, I remain somewhat reluctant to attempt such a communion with either of my two pitbulls. Until I've perfected this technique and have studied any & all longer term ramifications, I don't think I'll work with them in this way.

I do, however, have a "pet" I'm comfortable working with. Quite frankly, he's the scariest little shit I've ever had, despite my having raised and rescued dozens of pitbulls. More creatures have succumbed to his merciless attacks than I can count, most much larger and more feared than him. Allow me to introduce you, gentle reader, to

SPOOK. The one eyed, throat-less, raccoon killing cat. 

Seriously. No, really. This is one mean SOB. My pitbulls are absolutely terrified of him, and to taunt them he likes to walk up to them whilst they are eating, make a guttural and horrifying growl, and then proceed to eat their food while they watch in horror. Spook had a celebrity deathmatch with a raccoon which he won, killing the raccoon and losing his left eye in the process, balking and refusing treatment when I discovered his eye hanging by a thread and attempted to pick him up to take him to the vet. His recuperation consisted of 3 days in solitude in the garage, after which he walked out, less an eye, and went about his usual daily routine of bird killing and squirrel stalking as if nothing had ever happened. Several months later he challenged a possum, getting his throat torn completely out, and while he didnt kill the possum, he sure as hell put up a good fight. After I got outside and hosed the prickish possum off sending him scurrying up the street, Spook calmly walked in the house with a huge chunk of flesh hanging from his neck and his teeth clearly visible from the hole whence it came. Despite this, rather than submitting and allowing me to pick him up and take him to the vet, he again took off running, only to return 3 days after we'd given up looking for him, minus a chunk of flesh and  with a oh so nasty countenance, but otherwise undaunted.

As you can see, this isn't your average cat. I'm not a cat guy, never been particularly fond of the elitist little shits and their attitude problems; But I like this little guy, and I think he'll be a kick ass familiar if I can make it happen. For methodology, since I'm completely alien to Magick of this particular nature, I'm going to stick with what seems to work and use RO's script with very little alteration. It's ironic that a Magus whose practice is straight from the Grimoires, who both evokes and invokes spirits others call demons, and who prides himself on being perfectly at home in the darkest of darkness should be nervous about employing techniques of Magick to summon and communicate with the spirit of, well, of a kitty cat. But there it is. Asi es, asi sera.

Right now this work is set for Mid June; And because the previous post described above, Magickal Reunion With An Old Friend, was one about which I've received a great deal of feedback, I'll keep you all posted on how this turns out.

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