Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Jupiterian Experiment - Anybody Want In?

So today I'm looking for 2 volunteers, and I'm hoping to find them here. While my blog is still relatively new and has only 18 followers, the number of pageviews it receives each day leads me to believe more than that number are visiting. I'm hoping that a pair of them will be the ones I need for an experiment suggested to me by a Jupiterian Spirit during this past Thursday during my G4J work.

While seeking new ways to work with Jupiter, and ways that I can do so even when free time is limited or nonexistent, a method of consecration was suggested to me with which I can empower candles using specific names of Bel Marduk and a rite from the Babylonian equivalent of the biblical genesis. In a nutshell, the ritual recreates the creation as it was believed to have taken place by the Babylonians, using the creative forces that formed the world from the body slain one to take the inanimate candle and empower it generally, and more specifically with the energies of Jupiter as that is the planet with which Marduk is associated.

What I'd like is to send two volunteers each a 7 day candle which I will fully consecrate ritually using this method, and upon which I have painted sigils of angels which have become the defacto patrons of G4J.

I have already painted the sigils on both of these candles, as you can see from the photo. This Thursday I will devote about  hours to consecrating each candle. While I can't go into specifics as to methodology, it will involve 333 recitations of 3 different names of Marduk for each candle, dressing  the candles using Abramelin Oil I make myself, and the aforementioned ritual of creation. This is not a quick bada bing bada bang consecration and will involve about 4 hours of Magickal work to prep both candles, and I will send them to the two selected volunteers for free, no charge whatsoever. I will even pay the shipping. In return, what I ask from each of the two who assist me with this is a commitment to do the following;

*Light the candle on Thursday during the hour of Jupiter, and over it recite a Sabian Prayer to Jupiter and short Invocation of Jupiter which I will provide. Let it burn 1/7 of the way down, and extingush it.
*On each of the 6 following nights, during the hour of Jupiter, repeat the process, reciting the only Invocation and burning another seventh of the candle.
*On the last night, which will also fall on Thursday, in the hour of Jupiter, you simply offer thanks to Jupiter in general, Marduk and Tzadkiel more specifically in your own way. (Could be something as simple as burning some appropriate incense and reciting the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter and saying Thank You, O Jove, O Marduk and Tzadkiel For Your Blessings, or as elaborate as you're moved to take it)
*In a month, you shoot me an email letting me know how the blessings of Jupiter have manifested in your life after the working. Or, if you really do not see any tangible improvement, letting me know that.

Thats it. I will provide you a fully consecrated candle, emblazoned with the sigils of the Jupiterian Angels and empowered in a very specific and very effective manner, which I've been assured will manifest Jupiterian blessings in the life of the practitioner burning it. In exchange, you spend 10 minutes a night for 8 nights giving Jupiter a little attention, and later on let me know how it went.

Anybody interested?


  1. If you are willing to ship it overseas, I would be willing to give it a try :-)

  2. I'm in, living in the United States.

  3. Too bad I didn't see this earlier. I'll be looking forward to the results.

  4. I noticed that you stil didn´t get in contact, did you get my email adress?

  5. I didnt yuzuru, perhaps blogger filtered it as spam. They've been doing that a lot lately

  6. I'll give it a try if you're still looking for volunteers.