Friday, May 13, 2011

Magickal Levity At Its Best

Over at the Evocation Magic Forum yesterday, someone posted a link to a novel on Amazon, called Johannes Cabal the Necromancer. Having a few minutes left on my break, I headed on over to see what it was about this novel that was so exciting.

Reading the preview of the book offered by Amazon I came to a section towards the very beginning where the protagonist summons the great Lucifuge Rofocale in all his glory. Its been quite a while since I had a good laugh brought about by the written word, but this one is hilarious. I offer it here, for your amusement, under the Fair Use guidelines as part of my review of the book


  1. LOL, love it. I didn't knew you were on EvocationForum

  2. please tell me its SUPPOSED to be a comedy, because if it is, I am so buying that :p

  3. LOL Yes Hypnovatos its a comedy; thats why I'm loving it