Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This Week's Rites of Jupiter

In keeping with my inclination to experiment with varying forms of Jupiterian Magick each week for my G4J work, this week I've decided on something relatively new to me. This week I'll be practicing with methods dervived from the Aurum Solis tradition.

Although I've read and re-read Denning & Phillips' series, and used their correspondences (which are superb and exhaustive) I've never put the techniques themselves to much use, and thus tomorrow's work will be my first full on experiment with the system. For this work, I'll be using first the Rite of Approach for Jupiter, followed by the Rite of Contact, and the Attunement, and will be using the Aurom Solis traditional pantheon of Zaraietos, Orthoter, Kapaios, Zathanat and Demoros which represent, respectively, the Deity, Archon, Power, Intelligence and Spirit of Jupiter.

The inclusion of Gnostic deities is, by in large, what attracted me to the Aurom Solis system several years back. While on my little vacation, I wrote to a number of groups requesting a list of suggested reading material, and Aurum Solis was one of very few who responded. They even went so far as to send me a paperback of Denning & Phillips Planetary Magick, and some print outs of their basic practices and rituals which I still have and hold very dear.

What struck me first was that in one of the rituals sent to me, the deities called upon were those I'd previously seen only in the Gnostic scriptures, mostly in Willis & Barnstone's "Other Bible". The rite in question was one of Saturn which called upon Ialdabaoth, much maligned and considered by some Gnostic sects as the wicked and rebellious son of Sophia.

All in all, tomorrows works of Jupiter promise to be exciting and add further depth to my overall practice.

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