Friday, June 3, 2011

Jupiterian Experiment, Update 2

So, as some of you know, we got hit by the largest tornado in the state's history on Wednesday. Completely unforeseen, without any warning whatsoever, and the weather service had no idea until Mister Twister decided to pop in downtown and say hello. Literally, just like that. Needless to say, I've been tied up. fortunately the extent of the damage to my own property was a 6 foot stockade fence being blown across the street and an iron post from which I hang my pitbulls tire swing being uprooted and tossed like a salad. Nonethless, despite the damage being rather minimal in comparison with others, I spent yesterday repairing fences rather than Evoking Marduk.

SO, while the experiment is most definitely on, the candles and items won't ship until next week, as I need to perform the evocation on the day of Jupiter.

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