Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jupiterian Experiment, Update

Because of the overwhelming response to my request for volunteers to help in my Jupiterian experiment (almost a dozen of you have offered to jump in, and one even suggested a way it might be improved) and  because many of those who have shown interest are perfect for the task, I've decided to kick it up a notch and create, consecrate and ritually empower Jupiterian candles for 6 people rather than two. This will, of course, mean more work for me tomorrow, but it promises to be well worth it based on the divinations I've done.

The consecrations will take place tomorrow, 3 candles at 9:49pm, the other 3 at 2:17am. (3 is a number which is of great power and significance to me specifically and also in magick as a whole) I'll be providing greater details to those who will be participating, but the gist of it is that a full, formal evocation of Bel Marduk will be conducted, for which my preparation has already begun with a progressive fast, as outlined in my book Crossed Keys. (The progressive fast begins with a day of diet modification and culminates with zero intake other than spring water for 24 full hours prior to commencement) During the rite, offerings will be made to Tzadkiel as the patron of G4J, followed by the evocation proper and a ceremony recreating the Babylonian Genesis in an attempt to tap the creative juices thereof.

I am actualy quite excited about this; It promises to be a rewarding experience for all involved, and if it proves to be as effective as I hope it will, a source of power from which we can draw in perpetuity.

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