Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Another Jupiterian Experiment Field Report

From Brother Kostas:

"I opened with the Shield of the Magi from Magic that Works, after first centering myself with various meditative and relaxation routines.  I would then perform the daily ritual over the candle, reading the prayer as slowly as possible so that my entire will went in to each and every word.  I would then spend an undetermined amount in silence watching the candle and receiving the energy that was brought up in the prayer.  The prayer, while short, accompanied by the candle, was able to open a rather powerful channel from which I could feel the energy of Marduk.  Each time I read the ritual, I would see images of a warrior in full regal dress standing on top of temple steps.  I found myself filled with this sense of power, and might... feeling almost invincible and able to overcome any obstacles.  I had to actually take some time to relax and control that energy each time to keep from feeling like I downed a pot of coffee.  I found that one of the names of Marduk would continue to echo in my mind all day every day, and has continued through to today. " 

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  1. Hi.
    In Black Dragon it is written that magician has to throw parchment to a demon and it draws a sigil on it. How did it look in your case? Did you achieve physical manifestation?