Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Commencement

So, two of my brethren who have volunteered to partake of the Jupiterian Experiment I've posted about so frequently have received the consecrated seven day candles I sent, with sigils of Jupiter and its spirits freshly emblazoned thereon. It being Wednesday, it looks as if we will have time to begin tomorrow in both the day and hour of Jupiter as directed by the God Marduk, whom is the benefactor of this work. 

Having discussed the work at hand with some of my G4J brethen over the past week, finally parting the veil, if only a tiny bit, I was quite pleased to discover that the same message which I received and which led to this work was also transmitted to others among them, lending further credence to my assertion that the old gods, Marduk in chief, have chosen to be known once again. It is my intent to assure that the present work is but the beginning, and to that end I will be redoubling my efforts to expand it. 

Stayed tuned folks, by all indications, things are going to get exciting


  1. Very interesting indeed! I want to see how this turns out, keep us posted !

  2. I just read the full thing on G4J, including the Planetary charity. You people could donate used books to teachers. Like used occult books. And I m a teacher... WOW what are the odds of THAT!!!!


  3. It is an interesting time, isn't it? I had this very same experience with my Patron as well....the Old Gods want to be heard, again. To be worshiped with fire and song.