Monday, July 11, 2011

Crossed Keys - The First Look

Scarlet Imprint: "Crossed Keys Unlocked"

The First Word:

Andrew Dixon, via Facebook:

Michael Cecchetelli's Crossed Keys from Scarlet Imprint has arrived and looks stunning, from a quick look through the book the content is equally impressive and looks like being the definative version(s). Congratulations and thanks Michael, this is the regular Good Catholic edition, the Edition de Sable et d'Or deluxe is going to be amazing!

... it is a stunning piece of Work and will I am sure become one of the "go to" volumes. I envisage a few months at least looking into and through it and be certain it will be well used.

Drac Uber, via Facebook:

It is beautiful, isn't it. Currently just over half way through it an enjoying it greatly.

Andy Keys, via Facebook:
Just received my copy of the 'Good Catholic' edition of Michael Cecchetelli's "Crossed Keys" from Scarlet Imprint. Physically stunning, and at first glance the contents look very impressive, too. Congratulations to all involved.


  1. astounding! As a rare book collector and a bookbinder myself, this is a gorgeous piece of work! Kudos to you and the people at Scarlet Imprint!

  2. that is a beautiful looking book, i think we can all appreciate a good looking book with the onslaught of digital - kudos!

  3. I am REALLY looking forward to this. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on my Edition de Sable et d'Or deluxe to be bound. The only concern is that I'll be able to use it. My patron spirit is Lilith - and she is very antagonistic toward anything Christian. Any tips on working successfully with Crossed Keys without seriously pissing her off? You mentioned in a post recently that you work with a Fallen angel and a demon on a regular basis - so if anyone knows how to keep such an entity happy you would. Perhaps I'm being a bit too worried as I would have been steered very strongly away from your book if she disapproved. Just wondering how the heck I'm suppose to do Psalm magic...substituting in Liber Pyramidos like one does with the Verum just ain't going to work in this context ;-)

  4. Valeyard when you receive the work you will find, from my own account of the Black Dragon workings, that the Veritable Secret of The Black Dragon is that it is anything BUT christian, and if employed in the manner I made use of myself, your work with it will be quite acceptable to Lilith.

  5. Excellent news :D I am quite eager to get working with it. Descriptions are tantalizing (but poor spoilers) so I guess it's a perfect book release. I am always happy to add a grimoire to the library that is compatible with my more diabolically aligned path. Speaking of which, were you perhaps one of the few who got hands on "Kissing the Devil’s Ass" By Gertrude Buhne? If so - how is it? I hope that the forthcoming Conjure Codex does not prove as difficult to reserve! I am constantly on the look out to expand my knowledge (and practical experience) Lest I exclude to much though and prove the fool, I read (and purchase) everything in the community as even the most blatantly christian magick workings, can inform upon my practice.