Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crossed Keys In The Mail!

For all who've ordered the beautiful hardcover editions of Crossed Keys and have emailed me asking when it was to begin shipping, good news! As of today, all copies which were purchased and paid for have been shipped and are now enroute. The Rouge Edition, has also been released and are shipping now.

For those who seek a workable, practical system of Grimoiric Magick, Crossed Keys presents what is truly the most user friendly corpus you will find, in the form of "The Black Dragon; The Infernal Forces Subject To Man". You'll find it to be imminently usable and of great power, indeed it represents in and of itself a complete initiation in what is commonly thought of us "Black Magick", taking the aspirant through the initial evocation of the Kings of Hell, to the summoning of the rulers of each day of the week, Lucifer included, to the culmination wherein by virtue of that which is learned and experienced throughout, he ascends and the system as a whole is placed at his fingertips. 

Making The Black Dragon even more appealing to the modern practitioner and student is the absence of requirements for obscure, costly or rare tools and materia. Very little is necessary, for the Magick therein makes more use of the inherent Magickal power within than of symbolic representations of power such as lion skin belts.

Of even greater use to those who are hesitant to stoop down into that darkly splendid world below is the first English translation of the Grimoire spoken of by AE Waite, said to have been written by the Pope for Charlemagne, and to be the mean by which he achieved worldly power.  This work, while spoken of and referenced in the former, is its polar opposite in that the Magick contained therein are of great piety and reverence to the Catholic perceptions of god, making use of the Psalms to attain that which is desired. 

Also included are several pages from my own Magickal Journal explaining, in meticulous detail, how I brought the rites of the Black Dragon to fruition, as well as presenting the rites thereof in clear and structured form. 

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  1. Excellent! Looking forward to Crossed Keys Arrival.