Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crossed Keys - Supplemental Material In The Make

Those of you who've read Crossed Keys know that despite having offered a big portion of my own Magickal Journal for the time period wherein I first worked from the Black Dragon, including the ritual structure and format I used, I deigned not to include the amended Conjurations of which I in the journal entry for Oct. 5th 2008 to be found on page 94.

There were a number of reasons why I chose to omit the specific conjurations from C.K., all of which seemed quite logical when the decision was made; The foremost of which was that I had hoped that their absence would inspire others to research, read and investigate further and endeavor to create their own. 

The book having now reached its intended audience, and having received such excellent reviews as those written by The Conjureman and Mr. Valentine I have been moved my a dozen emails to reconsider that decision. While I do still hope that the aspiring evocator will ultimately study and create his own Conjurations for this and all other texts from which he seeks to work, I have been convinced that providing some insight into how I accomplished this successfully and from whence I drew my own may help the student along that path. 

I will, therefore, be taking a break over the next week from my present work and be working on reducing the entirety of the conjurations to writing, as well as providing the structure of the ceremonial evocation of the 4 Kings, and that of the 7 rulers individually and en masse. I have not yet decided how I will release it, either as a series of blog posts or perhaps throw it into a PDF, and further updates will be posted as I figure things out.


  1. It will definitely be a useful reference, but don't coddle us too much. I enjoy the process of working out conjurations for myself and such is definitely good for being able to say I'm a practicing magus and not an armchair enthusiast. As I'm still waiting for my own copy, All I can do is currently drool over the glowing reviews. Still, I got the PGM in today (which will keep me very busy) - and though it is the hardbound edition it arrived somewhat u-shaped! Reminds me to be a bit more careful when pushing the mail daemons to expedite...

  2. .pdf is a handy format, and can be read on phones and tablets! Very much looking forward to some insight into your personal process.