Sunday, August 14, 2011 is Born

So finally, the website I spoke about some time ago has been born. It has gone from a .com to a .org, although I've registered both domains, and its now moved to an entirely different webhost due to the gross stupidity of the former, but it has been born nonetheless. Thus far it is very minimal, and I've simply used a template site for now until I can dig in with dreamweaver and build something, well, magickal.

The main site is, and the aforementioned forums which will eventually be a huge resource for all things Grimoiric will be found at The site will include virtual classrooms and much more, so stay tuned. Big things are in the works.


  1. I've been looking forward to this since your first post about the forums. Seems you're on a fantastic roll this year - is your workings with Jupiter something to do with it - Or do you subscribe your phenom success to something else? Anyhow, will you be going with a subscription basis for keeping the website up, or donations and web ads?

  2. Looks good so far! Can't wait to see this up and running. You might want to add a contact link however as I couldn't find a Means of emailing you I decide to post a comment. Just posted my first experience with the Black Dragon on my blog ( and thought you might wanna check it out and see your work being put to use! :)