Saturday, August 27, 2011

Visiting The Parthenon Today

Today I am heading over the to the Parthenon after work, intent on saluting Athena through a 45 foot statue of her sculpted masterfully therein. 

Well, to be completely honest, its not the ORIGINAL Parthenon, but it IS a scale model, precise down to the blemish on Athena's cheek. This past Thursday I was surprised by management with the opportunity to travel to Nashville for a week on business. I eagerly accepted since I am in dire need of a vacation. Also contributing to my immediate acceptance of the mission was the fact that the city had, just that day, begun going absofuckinglutely insane as a result of Mother Nature's latest act of fuckery, hurricane Irene, which is intent on pimp slapping the East Coast wherein I so happen to reside. Personally, I'm annoyed by the people running about like the proverbial fowl sans cabeza than the hurricane, and so I was grateful for the opportunity to get out of town.

Although the Parthenon in which I will be, and the Athena before whom I'll stand, are not in Greece I cant help but believe that the good goddess takes up some residence therein. I mean, a key component in many magickal traditions (and religious ones) is that small statues and idols of the gods and goddesses upon our altar can serve as a dwelling place for them, and if this is so what self respecting goddess WOULDNT want to hang around and in a 45 foot statue of herself?

I will therefore be paying unto her homage via the hymns appropriate to the goddess, and will be leaving some flowers at her feet along with a request that those whom I work with Magickally as well as those who've picked up the Jupiter Talismans and who have helped me out with my candle consecration techniques here be blessed. 

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