Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Magick With Marduk

While I fully intend to pick up where I left off in my series explaining my definitions of varying spirits and the natures Ive found them to have, I'm going to segue a bit to share some unrelated work I'm enthusiastic about and a few other updates. 
Those who have been following this blog for a bit or who have been part of the discussions at Gentlemen For Jupiter know that in the early weeks of my participation with that group, I began working with the God Marduk, as he is traditionally associated with Jupiter, and one to whom I am inexplicably drawn. Well, perhaps not so inexplicably if you know me at all. Anyway, throughout my work with Marduk, he's been remarkably benevolent and generous towards me and those I've been working for and with. In my earliest work with him Marduk made it clear that he yearns to once again be seen as a loving, paternal and protective God, as he was unto those of Babylon. Following the Chrislemews demonization of any God, Goddess or Spirit who committed the unforgivable crime of not being YHWH, Jesus or Allah, he was cast in an unfavorable light as were all his contemporaries, and seen as a pretender to the throne of the "One True God", despite having been known and beloved to his people long before the aforementioned came into the picture, and having been the model of a benevolent and kind father figure to all who sought him. 

Forgoing further detail, I'll sum up by saying that I brought Marduk into the lives of a handful who have all reported changes in their lives and remarkably clear visions from him during their adorations and incantations to him, as well as many boons received which they attributed to his intervention on their behalf.

Given the benevolence shown by the God and how helpful hes been towards those who've worked with him, I thought I'd share a method with which the reader can do so. 

The rite of offering provided here is drawn from Enuma Elish and our own Western Tradition, combining time honored adorations from the former with modern magickal formulae used in the latter.

In the simple altar seen in the photo above you see the following:

  • Blue 7 day candle onto which is placed the traditional depiction of Marduk standing atop the slain Tiamat
  • Blue 7 day candle onto which is painted the name of Marduk, in this case in Greek. (Each week I use a different name, Hebrew/Aramaic, Akkadian, English, Greek, and will continue until I've exhausted all of the 50 names of the God)
  • Small incense burner w/ charcoal and incense in resin form
  • Sand from Iraq (Site of Babylon/Mesapotamia)
  • Bowl of offerings and herbs
  • Suspended above is my own Jupiter talisman which I energize in this way weekly
  • 2 handmade daggers, one plated in gold and the other in black
On Thursday, in the hour of Jupiter,  purify your temple, robe up according to your Will, and enter your temple. Light the candles and incense, and meditate briefly on the image of Marduk, while contemplating his victory over the dragon Tiamat, then begin

  • Gazing above to the heavens -  In the name ZULUMMAR, secure for me the peak of this temple of Amar.Utu
  • Facing East - In the name MARUKKA, secure for me the Easternmost Point of this temple of Amar.Utu
  • Facing South - In the name ASARULUDU, secure for me the Southernmost Point of this temple of Amar.UTU
  • Facing West - In the name MUMMU, secure for me the Westernmost Point of this temple of Amar.Utu!
  • Facing North -In the name EPADUN, secure for me the Northernmost Point of this temple of Amar.Utu
  • Gazing below to the depths -  In the name TUTU, secure for me the foundation of this temple of Amar.Utu
Incant the specific name of Marduk with which you are working, and which has been painted on the candle as shown above, 50x.

Carry out the adoration/ evocation as follows:

"You are the most honored of the great gods,
Your decree is unrivaled, your command is Anu.
You, Marduk, are the most honored of the great gods,
Your decree is unrivaled, your word is Anu.
From this day your pronouncement shall be unchangeable.
To raise or bring low--these shall be in your hand.
Your utterance shall be true, your command shall be unimpeachable.
No one among the gods shall transgress your bounds!

Adornment being wanted for the seats of the gods,
Let the place of their shrines ever be in your place.
O Marduk, you are indeed our avenger.
We have granted you kingship over the universe entire.
When you sit in Assembly your word shall be supreme.
Your weapons shall not fail; they shall smash your foes!
O lord, spare the life of him who trusts you,
But pour out the life of the god who seized evil."

King who gathers up the divine powers of heaven and earth, foremost son of Enki, Marduk, mighty lord, perfect hero, foremost of the Great Princes, strong one of the Anuna, the great gods who have given him justice and judgment! Great prince, descendant of holy An, lord who decides destinies, who has everything in his grasp, wise, august knower of hearts, whose divinity is manifest, who shows concern for all that he looks upon! Your ancestor An, king of the gods, has made your lordship effective against the armies of heaven and earth.
Hear me, King Marduk, and accept these offerings made unto thee by a soul stretched out unto thee! By my Will may they take form of that which is most desirable unto you and which provides nourishment to your immortal soul! 


  1. That is a great rite man, and I am itching to try it out!

    I have also had really good response when I worked with Marduk in the past, though I did so mostly through the Simon Necro. Setting aside issues of fake history and such (as if most Grimoires do not have fake histories), have you ever worked with it, and if so what did you think?

  2. Hey man. I woke up this morning inspired to do a Marduk working based on the Necronomicon stuff. Now I see your book and BAM.

    I think I am gonna take this one out for a spin on Thursday.

  3. I've never tried working from Simon's Neconomicon, but I think it's about time. I think my hesitation was because I'd read an essay about it some years back that made it seem like just another fantasy novel, which just happened to throw some Sumerian names in there, and like a fool I went along with it instead of investigating further. :(

  4. I was just wondering about how you did this rite a few days back. Great synchronicity to say the least.

    I take it these are the 50 names and seals?:

    Some other questions:
    -What type of incense does Marduk favour?
    -What herbs/offerings are in the bowl? Are they burned?

  5. Great ritual. I'm definitely interested in trying that out myself. Fortunately I have a friend who lives in Iraq who can possibly ship me some of the sand. Keep up the Great Work.

  6. I read about some of field raport rapports from Mardukie Magic but, there are not really good results by this, and I don't mean really goetic results like by evocation but can he give a something like information (maybe by dream) or visions to step up next level of working with him?

    People said that feel presence of "something" but you can make that feel using words of power by any spell and it will be the same. Any practical results? (Not meaning that instant rich or something but maybe dream when he show you something practical like how to make amulets, how to invoke some good spirits to help you?)