Friday, September 2, 2011

Some Clarifications on Previous Post

Following my previous post with regard to the natures of the Holy Guardian Angel, the Supernatural Assistant and other helpful spirits I received a small amount of criticism and a large amount of praise. By in large, the response I received most often is "Great post, my sentiments exactly, very true but damn dont you think you're going to piss a lot of people off?" to which I reply simply, yep. For further explication, please divert your gaze to the immediate right of this post, to the "About Me" section, where I forewarn every reader that the content of this blog will be informative and of value to him, but may also piss him off. 

There are, however, a few valid points received from people I respect which I'll address here for clarification's sake. 

First, the following received in comments from a fellow blogger:

If you honestly believe you can pick out everyone who knows and works with their HGA regularly, who is consistently hard-driving and pounding away at their Great Work with the assistance of their HGA, then more power to you, Brother.

But honestly, I think you missed at least one; and if you missed one, you've perhaps, missed more.

Ok, but I didnt say I could recognize everyone who has reached this point. What I said was "In the majority of cases". Definitely didnt say I have never missed one, or many.  Clarifying further, the intent of that statement was to express that in the majority of cases, not all, but most, one who has reached this level can listen to someone talk about their own experiences with their HGA, their means of communication with him (or her, lest I be thought gender-biased) we have a pretty good idea of who is relating genuine experiences and who's full of shit. Put simply, we have a much better inherent "bullshit detector" with regard to this subject than those who haven't been there and done that. We've HAD the experience, so we usually recognize when someone is speaking FROM experience as opposed to speaking on things they've heard from others or read in books. 

Second point, 

The HGA isn't available only to magicians who perform a certain type of magic in the West. K&C of one's HGA is available to anyone able to perform the work required.

Again, never said it was limited in availability to those who perform a specific type of magick in the west or anywhere else. In fact what I said is quite the contrary - that the rites you use and words involved really dont mean anything at all and you can succeed with Samekh, a song from sesame street or a simple prayer. 

All I know is that there isn't one "right" way to gain K&C of one's HGA and anytime this is suggested, I'll confront it.

Once again, I never said anything of the sort. Didnt say anything even remotely close. In fact what I said is the precise opposite of this, so really, what is it you're confronting?  You seem to be echoing exactly what I said here

Next point is that when I said achieving contact with your Angel is "NOT fucking simple". Well, yes I did say that. And I was 100% correct in that. The rite you use that finally brings you in contact with this being may be as simple as a prayer, but if you think thats all there is to it you havent done it. Its what leads up to the rite that is "NOT fucking simple", to wit, the years of work, study and practice of magick which prepare you FOR the simple rite with which you succeed. THATS whats difficult folks, not the hour long rite whereupon your angel finally manifests to you. Thats the culmination of years of work, not just something you decide to do on a whim. I'll go one step further by saying that anyone who implies they've actually MADE conscious contact with their Angel in such a way, picking up a copy of Samekh or another such shortly after beginning to practice magick, and succeeded, is indeed full of shit. Maybe not intentionally, hell maybe they have reached out and touched another helpful spirit or maybe theyve picked up a trickster type, but they damned sure havent met their HGA. 

Next point, as to the percentages I used, (i.e. 70% are lying, 5% have succeeded, etc...) There was no scientific data behind those numbers and they may well be inaccurate. It was an educated guess intended to illustrate the point that the majority of those who claim to have done this are lying, the minority actually have, and somewhere in the middle are those who havent but for one reason or another truly think they have.

Another question thats arisen, this time from one of my G4J brethren, and one for whom I have a lot of respect, is that of Free Will vs Fate/ Destiny and the reconciliation thereof. My answer to this is simply that I have never bought into fate or destiny, except that destiny which we make for ourselves. I do think there are events in our lives which are fated to happen for some cosmic reason beyond our scope of comprehension, but by in large it is our Free Will that dictates how we handle them and thus what the outcome will be. In that way, we do determine our own destiny. I also think that it is in our power to change any circumstance within our lives and any direction they seem to be heading. I dont believe there is anything about our lives or the course they will take that is written in stone, and every action we take is what determines what comes next. I went from the Cellhouse of USP Lewisburg to the Penthouse of the Nashville Hilton in 26 months, NOT because thats what was cosmologically planned for me, but because I sat, evaluated the directions in which I could proceed and decided the business world was the most prudent and then went at it full steam like a fucking locomotive. I incorporated willingness to work 16 hour days 7 days a week with techniques of Magick, and just about 2 years later I am in a better position than people who've been in this company for over a decade. Fate didnt do that, I did. 

On another, lesser, point, it was noted by 2 that throughout the whole of my post I referred to both the Magus and the HGA as HE or HIM, and not as She, or Her. Well, I am a man, not a woman, and while Angels dont seem to have genders as such they do have decidedly masculine or feminine traits and personalities, and mine is about as masculine as anybody Ive ever met, and since Im talking about me and him, Im using masculine forms of these words, not feminine. Thats not to say a female cant be a magus or that there are no female Angels. Hell Ive worked with an angel who was as feminine as any lady I know.

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