Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yet Another Clarification

Sometimes when I am particularly passionate abut something (or have a particularly big bug up my ass as was the case here) I tend to make broad and sweeping statements that I DO mean, but which also require further explication on my part. 

Twice now Jason Miller has alerted me to such mishaps, and I am very grateful for this as if he hadnt and no one else bothered, I might look somewhat prick-ish to readers who interpreted my post earlier today as he did. 

So, here we go again. Earlier I posted with regard to the many facets of occult authorship and publishing in the modern day, and when I did I let certain contemptuous feelings bleed through the keyboard onto the blog, which now require a brief qualification. 

I mentioned the tremendous amount of rubbish being brought forth by the You-Write-It-We'll-Publish-It internet based outfits like lulu and createspace. I didn't say all or even most of these books were of no value, what I said was these types of outfits "can and frequently do contain horseshit". As mentioned at various times, I am a big believer in Sturgeons Law which states that 90 of anything on any given subject is crap, and with sites like lulu its even more true. I provided links to one example of these in the original post. 

However, as my post indicates, while we do frequently find such crap on these sites, this isnt ALWAYS the case. I recently ordered Chris Warnock's Picatrix Liber Rubeus edition, literally 4 days ago. Anyone whos on my facebook would have seen that just yesterday, a full day before this post, my facebook status was:

So clearly when I said lulu and such sites frequently contain the aforementioned horseshit, what I meant was indeed frequently and not always, and I apologize to those authors such as Chris Warnock and those who publish there. I have bought both of your books there and recommend them to all.

As for my comment on llewellyn, I did say that what they publish is usually suspect until proven otherwise, and yetI have to admit there are some which HAVE proven as valuable as anything any other publisher releases; Examples being Aaron Leitch's "Secrets...", as well as his Angelical Language set, their original editions of Denning and Phillips' series, those they release for Golden Hoard and DMK's Modern Magick. Despite these excellent contributions to the corpus of the Western Tradition, the vast majority of their books dont make the grade and they DO publish a lot of fluff. Therefore I do agree with the selfsame author mentioned above in his having labeled them "ll EWE llyn", and place the same emphasis as he, on the "Ewe"

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