Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Field Report

Just sharing one more field report before I get back to "Business As Usual" tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this with me T. and I hope it continues to work for you!

Dear Michael,

Thought you might be interested in another field report. 

I'll begin by noting that almost as soon as I opened the email containing your note and the book, I felt a definite presence, a kind of tingly electrical sentience.  It was very palpable and pervasive and it lingered throughout the room for  a few minutes.  I found it neither threatening nor overly friendly, I simply felt as though I was being observed.  It was a more benign feeling than that sounds, though.  At the time, I wondered if it was Marduk "checking in" on me, or even if it was a spirit that you had sent for some reason.  I now think that it was more likely that it was Marduk making himself felt.  Perhaps my ordering the book acted as a kind of conjuration?

I had wanted to perform the rite on the day and hour of Jupiter, but this was not possible, so I decided to perform it today, the day of Venus.  I did begin the rite in the hour of Jupiter, thinking that it might help me a bit in establishing contact.  I followed the text closely, using Abramelin incense and two blue 7-day candles on which I had painted Marduk's name in Greek and cuneiform the day before.  I did manage to do that and my other prep work (reading the Enuma Elish, going over the names, &c.) in the hour and day of Jupiter yesterday, so as to make the items as Jovian as I could. 

When I read the names, I definitely felt a presence, pretty much the same kind of feeling I had felt when I got the book.  I felt it most strongly behind me, to the South.   At one point I turned around briefly, but I didn't really see anything.  When the energy was more or less as it's peak, there was a brief but intense moment of total silence - the traffic outside, all the other ambient noise completely disappeared and I felt a kind of suspension of time.  Around this time, I smelled something quite distinctly that was definitely not the incense of Abramelin that was burning or the Jupiter Oil that I had dressed the candles with.  It was a clove type of scent. 

Unfortunately, near the end of the reading of the names, my apartment manager decided to make a bunch of noise and start talking to someone in the hallway right outside my door, accompanied by some kind of loud electronic beeping.  Needless to say, this did little to help the rite.  I tried to tune it out as best I could, but it was difficult to maintain my concentration, especially while I was trying to visualize the moment I had chosen from the Enuma Elish.  I have a very low tolerance for beeping.

After the visualization, I spent some time looking at the image of Marduk I had printed out and tried to integrate the energy that was remaining in the room.  I then delivered a brief and simple thank you and farewell to the god and waited for the energy to dissipate.  After I had collected myself a bit, I made some notes in my journal and broke down my temporary set-up (I have a small studio apartment, so I have to improvise a bit for these rites).  I plan to leave the candles burning when at home until they are used up.

I would say that the rite did make successful contact with Marduk (I'll assume it was him, anyway).  I think I may have had better results if I had performed it on the day and hour of Jupiter and if mundane annoyances had not intruded.  That said, I have yet to see a spirit and the presence I felt was much stronger than in nearly any of my previous attempts at conjuration.  I will be on the look-out for synchronicity and shifts of awareness, especially in anything related to the Jovian current.  I have been a bit preoccupied, unhappy and anxious as of late, due mostly to certain stresses and difficulties with particular people and their triggering memories of unpleasant past events.  It is my hope that my contact with Marduk may help alleviate some of this.  I did not make any specific requests of the god, but I do think that having made his acquaintance will make itself felt in my life in some way soon. 

Let me now take a moment to thank you for making this text available and for your part in my seeking of the Mysteries.

All the best,

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