Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Calling The Sevenths To Induce Equilibrium"

I received a handful of messages from people interested in the work I spoke of in my post earlier today that I prescribed for a client to bring him back into balance, so I figured I'd make it available here. It is one of the rites from the PGM corpus which has been published elsewhere on several occasions, so many of you will recognize it. 

It is originally from PGM 824-834 and is called, as you've likely guessed, Calling The Sevenths To Induce Equilibrium" and it uses the 7 vowels of the Ancient Greek alphabet to open the 7 gates, planets, spheres, etc... and I use it frequently for Balancing and "Inducing Equilibrium", among other things. Its very simple and, I've found, very effective.

 Facing East – Stretch out right and left hands to the left, chant “A” (Alpha.)
Face North – Put forward your right fist, chant “E” (Epsilon)
Face West – Extend both hands forward, chant “Η” (Eta)
Face South – Both hands holding the stomach, chant “I” (Iota)
Face East - Touch the ends of the toes, chant “Ο” (Omicron)
Face East – Right hand on the heart, chant “Υ” (Upsilon.)
Face East – Looking to the sky with hands on the head, chant “Ω” (Omega)


  1. Ah! When I first read your earlier post, I thought that's what it might be, but wasn't sure because I've seen its main use framed as a zone rite. I had never given thought to the possibility that it could be used to balance the Seven within oneself. But it makes perfect sense. Thanks for clearing that up, MC!

  2. I'm assuming this refers to the vowel sounds, rather than the name of the vowels themselves? Time to hit up Google and learn me some Greek.