Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet. er, Bookshelf.

So I find myself engaged in the daunting task of cataloging my collection of rare, out of print, limited and current books as well as other items in order to get a full appraisal done for insurance purposes. During the course of this I've come across a bunch I no longer need and which aren't quite collectible, but are still pretty good books. There's probably about a dozen of them, some of which are listed below and the rest will be posted when I get home. 

They're free, and if you're in the US I'll mail them to you via media mail for free too. Leave a comment if you'd like any of them including your email address. (I wont publish the comments) I will update this post when they're taken.

Lon DuQuette - Low Magick, Its All In Your Head - GONE
Nineveh Shadrach - Magic Squares and the Tree of Life - GONE
A.E. Waite - Book of Ceremonial Magic, Paperback Copy - GONE
Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Fallen Angels and The Origin of Evil - GONE
Joseph Karika - Liber 767 vel Boeingus - GONE
Maggie Whitehouse - Total Kabbalah
Phyllis Currot - Witchcrafting 
Alan Richardson - Magicians Tables; A Complete Book of Correspondences- GONE
Brotherhood of Light - Astrology

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