Monday, October 3, 2011

The Magical Treatise of Solomon

Having just moments ago placed my order with the good folks at Golden Hoard for the leather, deluxe edition of the just published Magical Treatise of Solomon, I wanted to take a minute to discuss this invaluable work. 

While this edition represents the first widely available English language translation, this is not a work I am unfamiliar with. A while back I was introduced to MToS by a friend out in Singapore and since then Ive been fortunate enough to come across both the a digital reproduction of the Greek original and a Spanish translation thereof by Pablo Torijano for the world of academia. Owing to my own impetuous nature, I sought to practice from this Grimoire despite much of the Greek being illegible, and Torijano's Spanish being incomplete. 

The section I used was a "Prayer to Helios", in conjunction with a Solar Invocation.

King of those who rule and Lord of those who are lords, the origin
that is prior to the beginnings, ever-flowing power, inconceivable
light, boundless light, the only provider of wealth, the dispenser of
the mercy, observe us through your grace and kindness so that we
may be able to subdue Helios, the planet now present and to hold
fast his force. I adjure you, untouched, unextinguishable, splendour
of the day, Helios, by your temporal cycle, by your four seasons,
and by your course, by your rays, by your wings, by your powers
and by these your names: Glibiöd, Antikon, Lithetioud, Touldörag,
Êmnôan; by these names I adjure you; do not disobey me, but
through your grace, assist me in this service.
I am quite fond of this Grimoire, and have made use of not only the  Prayer Of Helios, but also Ares and Aphrodite, and while it has been some time since I worked with MToS, I recall clearly the beauty and simplicity of its methods, and am extremely happy that a definitive edition is now available in English. 

This week, in addition to my Jupiterian work with Marduk, I will be taking some time during an earlier hour to offer to Zeus using this Grimoire's prayer to him. 

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