Friday, October 28, 2011

One More Field Report For Mardukite Magick


I ordered your ebook Mardukite Magic on Oct. 16th. I had an interesting experience after I read this manuscript. I ordinarily wouldn't bother you with this, but your blog post of Oct. 23rd of 'Another Field Report' detailed experiences with your manuscript that closely matched mine so I thought I'd forward the following email I sent to a friend right after it happened on Oct 17th. The email is as follows:

"Just before dawn yesterday morning when I was still near a dream state but aware, I sensed a tall imposing figure near my bedside. I felt strongly that I was being regarded, not in a friendly or unfriendly way, but as one might examine something of interest. I had a sense of this figure being robed and bearded. I felt at the time that this was 'Marduk'. I fell into a dream state, and went into a story where my family was being threatened by a rattlesnake. This snake was hiding out under a bathroom sink in a cabinet. When I wakened, I scanned my house and sure enough there was something there. It seemed to have gotten through my house shields... This snake didn't have immediate hostile intent towards us but was just hanging out. It was a nasty piece of work though, and my family has a long history of being plagued by snake-like entities. I find it funny that just reading a summoning might be enough to catch Marduk's attention. It was a nice initial offering on his part."

The thing that caught my attention was that my description of how Marduk was regarding closely matches the field report reported in your blog on Oct 23rd. It's always nice to have outside validation! What also wowed me was that reading the manuscript was enough to connect me to Marduk. Keep up the great work!

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