Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Note To Former Customers

Just received an order for Mardukite Magick from someone who'd been part of my Candle Magick experiment and rather than emailing each of you who were part of that and who have ordered Talismans of Jupiter, Mars or Venus I thought I'd say it here where (hopefully) all of you can see it. 

If you've ordered a Talisman or been part of the Project involving Marduk a few months back you DO NOT NEED TO BUY the eBook - Just email me and I'll send you one ... Buying a Talisman gets you these little things like eBook gratis, so dont go buying it!


  1. I was a part of the experiment, and bought the ebook. It was totally worth it, if just to show appreciation for the work you're putting out.

    Be well.

  2. Hi there, I bought the ebook and just have a couple of questions and was wondering what email address I coule use? THank you

  3. Same one the paypal payment went to is fine Jerry