Thursday, October 13, 2011

Now Available - A Mardukite Magick eBook

     Based on the responses I've received to my earlier blog post about the pros and cons of releasing works in eBook format vs hardcover/ paperback, as well as the discussions taking place on Facebook and other forums, I've decided to float a test balloon and release a brief work which I've spent a lot of time developing as an eBook, similar to those RO offers.

     The work in question is a brief one on the Magick of Marduk which was originally going to be released in a 15 page chapbook/ pamphlet form. Having received a great deal of interest via comments here and emails after my brief blog post on working with Marduk, I decided to offer a much more comprehensive tutorial wherein I take you through making initial contact with the God, introduction, offering, petitioning his aid and establishing a long term relationship with him as I've begun doing myself over the last half year or so. 

     This brief work contains 5 complete rituals of which you can readily make use, an opening rite, an invocation, an introduction to the God, a petition to the God for his aid, and a method of offering to him. Also included are the true 50 Names of Marduk taken directly from the source, which ARE quite different from those you find in the Necronomicon along with detailed info on the virtues, powers and specialties of each name and a means to petition whichever suits your need at the time. In addition I've provided the Hyms and Incantations in the original Sumerian for those ambitious enough to attempt them in their original tongue.

     The Conjurations, Hymns and Invocation are NOT those you will find in the Necronomicon or any other modern work - I have pulled directly from Enuma Elish, An:Anum, The Cuneiform Tablets and other original sources and everything presented here has been and is still used by myself, every Thursday.

     Everyone who orders this eBook will be invited to participate in a Group Ritual dedicated to Marduk on Thursday November 17th. On that day, in the hour of Jupiter, all who wish to participate will perform a group conjuration of the God in his name GUGAL - Lord of Abundence and Opulence.

     In order to make it available to anyone with any interest in working with Marduk, the price is only $10 payable via paypal. Delivery will be via email.  Paypal address is mikececc(at) If you'd like the eBook delivered to an email address other than your paypal address, just note it in the comments section of the payment page and I'll send it there instead.


  1. I've put in my order. Looks downright fascinating!

  2. Looks absolutely fascinating! I enjoyed your balance of scholarship and practical experience in your Crossed Keys so I'll absolutely be getting this!

    I've also ordered your Chasing the Dragon which I'm waiting for (im)patiently

  3. I got the book! Pics on my blog. Absolutely fantastic!

  4. Michael, I'm enjoying Crossed Keys so much and just put in an order for MM. It looks fascinating!

  5. Let's say we working with Marduk for half year, if we want resign he will be mad?

  6. My experience has been that not everyone is built to work with Marduk, and thats fine. It is better to respectfully bow out than to continue with a practice you're not sincerely interested in or wanting to pursue.

  7. Your Mardukite book sounds great.

    I have always wanted to delve more into Babylonian and Sumerian

    mysteries. Just ordered your title and cannot wait to get started.

    Brother Butterball/Tim