Friday, November 11, 2011


     As mentioned in one of my very earliest blog entries, I have plans this evening. Magickal plans. Large Magickal plans. In commemoration of 11/11/11 which is, aside from all the superstition attached and the "based on Feng Shui" emails going around about it, a very, very powerful day for me personally and I am going to take full advantage of it, as should you all. 

     This evening at precisely 11 seconds past 11:11pm myself and a partner will begin the largest single working I have ever undertaken. The rite in question will include a full evocation of "Ishtar" in her role as governess of Venus, and a working with the Goddess that is of a greater magnitude than anything I've previously undertaken. 

     Although I have broken my traditional preparation period by not forgoing all communication prior to the ceremony, I have employed the progressive fast as described in CK, a large amount of purification which will culminate in washing using water from the river jordan, and a few other steps I can't go into here. 

     All in all, this evening promises to be one to remember, and one from which I draw considerable power for the foreseeable future. For those of you who dont have something planned for this evening or havent yet decided how you'll work, I strongly encourage you to think it through and, even if its a usual Venutian Rite of offering or evocation, DO SOMETHING. The Magick and power upon which we can draw today is immense. 

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  1. Just did my 11-11-11 (11 pm) rite and I gotta say, you were right: maybe it was just the power of suggestion or maybe it was just the nature of my operation, but damn... potent!