Thursday, November 17, 2011

Abramelin Oil And Incense: French vs German

Received a question with regard to mention I made in Crossked Keys about my use of the German edition's recipe for Abramelin oil as opposed to the French, and why I find this of import, how I make it, etc... Since I've begun using a new supplier instead of taking the time to make my own, I thought I'd offer up some insight here as well as provide a resource for anyone looking to switch. 

First thing you need to know is that there are 3 (and some say 4) variations of Abramelin Oil, and all Abramelin Oils were not created equally.  In mathers edition of The Book of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, he erred greatly in translation, and omitted some portions of the MS that were in fact valuable. Among the errors we find in this work is his recipe for the oil, which is 4 parts Cinnamon bark quills in powder form, 2 parts of fine ground Myrrh resin, 1 part powdered Galangal sliced root, and half the weight of all these ingredients in olive oil. He here substitutes galangal for calamus, which is incorrect. 

Crowley differs, instead offering 8 parts of cinammon, 4 parts myrrh and 2 of galangal, each in essential oil form, mixed with 7 parts olive oil. Crowley again leaves out Calamus in favor of galangal, as did Mathers. In Book 4, chapter 5 he provides his own reasoning, which I will not reproduce here for times sake. 

The recipe of which I make use is that of the German MS of Georg Dehn's Translation, which is:

Take of Myrrh in tears, one part; of fine Cinnamon, two parts; of Calamus half a part; and the half of the total weight of these drugs of the best Olive Oil. The which aromatics you shall mix together according unto the art of the apothecary, and shall make thereof a balsam, the which you shall keep in a glass vial which you shall put within the cupboard of the altar.

For quite some time I was forced to make my own, simply because most suppliers either carry only the erroneous versions above as it is the most well known and common, carry only one sort and dont specify which formulation was used in its creation, or just dont know the difference. I'd found two suppliers that do use the correct formula, but one is prohibitively expensive, changing $25 for a small bottle, and the other is, well fucking nuts.

Recently however I've found a supplier who is both reputable AND who kay even know the recipe better than I, and who doesn't gouge you on price. For that reason I'd suggest anyone who wants to work with the authentic product check them out, its called Ancient Road. Thus far I've used their Abramelin Oil and Incense as well as their Jupiter Planetary Incense, and all of the above are of great quality.  For the most part, I can usually tell when a supplier, and even moreso a manufacturer, of these types of items is what I'd call reputable.  The ability of the shop owner to explain all the differences between the version of Abramelin and derivations of each quite frankly impresses me and lends me confidence that I'm dealing with someone who, for lack of a better term, knows their shit.  

While many areas of our Magickal work can be readily tweaked and adapted as necessary, as I did with the Conjurations from Black Dragon, there are other areas you want to get right, and this is one of them. Kudos to Ancient Road. 

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