Monday, November 21, 2011

The Conjure Codex; A Hadean Press Anthology

     Having received my copy of Conjure Codex, the very first anthology to which I have contributed, and spent last night reading through the various essays and articles presented therein, I would like to encourage everyone to pick up a copy. This is an excellent collection of insights and wisdom by a great group of occultists, jam packed with jewels of knowledge from several walks of life. 

     Prior to receiving the book I had no foreknowledge of what it would contain, except for the brief descriptions of each essay provided by Hadean. I was pleasantly surprised that each contribution seemed to flow seamlessly into the next, and one complimenting the other. 

     Many thanks to Erzebet and Dis @ Hadean for conceiving such a beautiful book, and to Jake for helping to bring this one together


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