Friday, November 11, 2011

Crossed Keys Now Available In eBook

     For those who've not yet picked up a copy of Crossed Keys, a new option for its purchase is available thanks to our friends at Scarlet Imprint. In keeping with the times and to make their excellent works available to a wider range of readers, Scarlet Imprint has now begun offering their titles in eBook format, as mobi or epub files. 

     For those who have embraced new technologies such as tablets, androids and eBook readers, Scarlet Imprint's decision to release these tomes in this easily accessible and immediately available format is a blessing. While I will always be an avid lover and collector of fine Talismanic and Antiquarian Books, as one who does an tremendous amount of research which often takes place in S.I's books, I am definitely going to pick up the eBook versions for sheer convenience and search-ability. The prospect of reading Geosophia from my Droid while, eh, working diligently at the office, is a most tantalizing one indeed. 

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