Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not A Fan Of Mother Nature...

Couple of you have noticed I've been unusually silent over the past few days here, in the forums and on facebook. Well, it appears that whatever horrific offense my city has committed against mother nature, whether real or imagined, hasn't quite been paid for by the 2 blizzards, the hurricane, the tornado or the earthquake we've been stricken by over the past 9 months. This past weekend she once again bent us over her knee and provided a good spanking in the form of a nor easter, which has knocked out 100%, yes 100% of the power in my city and 80% of the power in the surrounding ones. 

Luckily the building in which I work a few cities over was originally a bomb shelter and was nto affected, so I'm able to get online once in a while here to follow up on emails and charge my trusty smartphone. 

Nonetheless, all Talismans and other orders will be shipped on time tomorrow, so no worries there and everyone who has ordered one can expect it without delay. That goes for the books I promised a few readers as well. I'm hoping the electric co. has us up and running again this week.

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