Sunday, November 13, 2011


     I find myself in need of a day or three of R&R. My work yesterday was a FAR greater experience than I could have possibly foreseen. Those who read my post yesterday morning wherein I encouraged the reader to partake of the day's special power will recall that I was quite excited about the work I'd be doing and expected it to have an additional "kick" because of the day. I am at once pleased and overwhelmed to report that those expectations were exceeded ten fold. I can say, in all honesty and with no shred of doubt, that I am far better and stronger today than I was on 11-10. Whether the boost in Magickal power generated yesterday was a product of 11-11-11, 11:11pm as I believe or simply resulted from the meticulous prep, planning and anticipation put into it is a subject which undoubtedly some will argue, and yet one about which I have no doubt whatsoever.

     Accompanying the success of the rite is a great deal of fatigue, and I am therefore in need of a day or so of relaxation. I've taken the first half of the forthcoming week off from work, and  during that time I intend to sleep, fast, meditate and contemplate. So if you contact me via email and dont receive a reply until Wednesday, that's the reason why.

     Of the working itself I can say little. It involved myself and ten others I led, including she to whom CK was dedicated, 3 students of mine, one of my first teachers, a fellow Grimoiric Magus, a Thelemite and a couple Santeros. It was in fact multiple rites divided up into 11 parts, one of which was a full on evocation. While we originally allotted 5 hours for completion, we did finish in just over 4 as the whole was well rehearsed and planned, and flowed like clockwork with successful evocation occuring much sooner than anticipated. Despite ending sooner than expected, the work has left me exhausted as very few before it have, and I am definitely looking forward to a couple days of solitude. I wish it could be longer, but work and duty call and so I'll be back at the office and blogging by Wednesday.

     I hope everyone who did partake of 11-11-11 and fit some type of Magickal work into their day found it empowering and enlightening!


  1. Holy crap dude, you weren't kidding when you said this was going to be a "large working".