Sunday, November 6, 2011

Talisman Field Report #1

I'll have a very interesting (if I do say so myself) post later this evening, but before I head out I wanted to throw this one up. After this I'm going to cut back on posting these field reports, simply because the blog is starting to look like a fucking Finbarr book with all these testimonials, but as the sender has specifically requested this be posted, I'll indulge this last one. 

Frater MC!
I  wanted to share with you and ask that you post this as a field report in order to give  Ishtar the honor she rightly deserves. Ive began singing the hymn's you emailed me with the talisman of venus you sold me three weeks ago and visualizing reunion with my ex and I have to say against all odds it has worked! Let me tell you why I know this. You know since she moved to Annapolis we havent seen each other and we decided long distance relationships werent healthy so we split 4 months ago like I told you, and her job there is going so well I didnt expect her to ever want to leave, and we hardly ever talk now because its akward. Well as soon as I got your talisman I started holding it in hand doing Ishtar's hyms and visualizing a reunion, and alsmost immediately afterward she started calling more often, asked me to come visit for a weekend and things like that which were cool, but now yesterday she calls me and says the job isnt worth it if it means she has to lose her love and she would always resent the job thinking what if I was the one for her and she lost me for it, and she was going to move back to Boston! Ishtar moved me to make a sacrifice for love, so since my job here is nothing special I offered to move to Annapolis and we're going to live together again! I want Ishtar to get all the honor and recogniztion she deserves here so I hope you can post this and share it with everyone so everyone who can will light a candle in her name and know she is a good goddess who loves love and wants it to thrive! 

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