Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crossed Keys - Supplemental Material In The Make

Those of you who've read Crossed Keys know that despite having offered a big portion of my own Magickal Journal for the time period wherein I first worked from the Black Dragon, including the ritual structure and format I used, I deigned not to include the amended Conjurations of which I in the journal entry for Oct. 5th 2008 to be found on page 94.

There were a number of reasons why I chose to omit the specific conjurations from C.K., all of which seemed quite logical when the decision was made; The foremost of which was that I had hoped that their absence would inspire others to research, read and investigate further and endeavor to create their own. 

The book having now reached its intended audience, and having received such excellent reviews as those written by The Conjureman and Mr. Valentine I have been moved my a dozen emails to reconsider that decision. While I do still hope that the aspiring evocator will ultimately study and create his own Conjurations for this and all other texts from which he seeks to work, I have been convinced that providing some insight into how I accomplished this successfully and from whence I drew my own may help the student along that path. 

I will, therefore, be taking a break over the next week from my present work and be working on reducing the entirety of the conjurations to writing, as well as providing the structure of the ceremonial evocation of the 4 Kings, and that of the 7 rulers individually and en masse. I have not yet decided how I will release it, either as a series of blog posts or perhaps throw it into a PDF, and further updates will be posted as I figure things out.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dealing With Inconsiderate People; Being The Art of The Magickal Mindfuck

A student of mine has sought my assistance in dealing with neighbors who have become quite overtly hostile towards him after discovering his Occult inclinations, and after assisting him in ridding himself of the offending asshats I figured that this could be a topic of use to others.

As mentioned in previous posts, I am not one of those practitioners who abhor the very thought of magick which affects another in a negative way. Quite frankly, its as valuable a tool as any other at our disposal, and when faced with people who tend to make my life more difficult or unpleasant, I am more than willing to return the favor magickally, materially and/ or in any other way which I deem efficient. 

The techniques I use in cases such as his, however, are not limited to one methodology. Instead, I use mundane aspects of psychological warfare, and employ magickal means to increase the target's sensitivity to the mundane methods of torment. In the case of the aforementioned student who we'll simply call Juan (since it is in fact his name), the neighbors, whom we will henceforth refer to as Mr. and Ms. Asshat had discovered our friend Juan was, in their own words "A damned satanist devil worshiping blasphemer". (In reality a Grimoiric Magician). This was discovered when Ms. Asshat locked her keys in her car, and rather than making her wait outside for her husbands arrival, Juan invited her to wait in his half of the duplex where she happened upon his bookshelf and its horribly evil content. 

Subsequently, Mr. Asshat, righteously appalled that such baby eating, animal sacrificing bastards could actually live in the same neighborhood with a good christian such as he, undertook a campaign against poor Juan to include posting fliers, going door to door to the others in the neighborhood and "doing his christian duty, warning them of the dangerous man in their midst", calling the police with such frequency that they actually issued a restraining order against HIM to keep him from disturbing our hero Juan, writing to the city council, and yes, to PETA suggesting that they might like to look into the possibility of animal sacrifice. (All true, I swear). 
Having endured 6 months of such torment, Juan was quite ready to introduce Mr. Asshat to the business end of a golf club, but  he'd have been locked up far longer than it would take Mr. Asshat to heal, and so the risk/reward factor just didnt justify it. Next on his list of potential solutions was to undertake a ritual of Baneful Magick, the goal of which would have been to end Mr. Asshat's reign of terror by depriving him of his right to, well, exist. While Mr. Asshat's half a year of terrorizing our good friend certainly warranted at least a  good strong Magickal kick in the ass that left a permanent scar, I impressed upon Juan just how brilliant an idea it would be to deliver such a kick to one who had spent the better part of 6 months trying to convince people, police included, that he is a devil worshiping black magician. Despite a well delivered curse leaving no physical evidence to suggest who initiated it, if an otherwise healthy guy starts hemorrhaging from his eyes for no apparent reason after accusing someone of devilry, sure as hell the neighbors are going to take notice. 

The goal, therefore, was not to do any physical harm, nor to cause any visible affect in his life or material which could be perceived by anyone outside the home. Where to start? In addition to the usual Magickal materia we'd be using, I gave Juan a shopping list. 

First, The Mind Molester. An absolutely beautiful, tiny little device which is capable of driving the most patient and stoic of men absofuckinglutely batshit. Following its delivery, which was accomplished ironically by insertion into a statue of Jesus thereafter presented by a third party as a gift, I instructed Juan to use a rite calling upon the intelligence of Mars and asking him to enhance the hearing and thus sensitivity of Mr and Ms Asshat to the device making it all the more effective. (while this is an unusual request to make to this particular intelligence and not well related to his office, I've found that he is always up for a little mischief. Probably appeals to his war-like nature)
Second, a week after the initial salvo, Liquid Roadkill applied generously to the portion of his air conditioner which is outside the home, which is the part that cycles air throughout the residence. Following application, a working designed to implore the appropriate intelligence to temporarily diminish Mr. and Ms. Asshat's patience. 

Third, yet another week into the onslaught, due to the way the heating system in the duplex shared by Juan and his persecutors was set up, it was quite easy to use Sonic Nausea (during those hours when Juan wouldn't be home, so he was not affected by it) while simultaneously using a handheld fan to blow a combination of Cat Yronwode's Banishing Powder and Break Up Powder (to cause marital discord between the husband and wife) through the ventilation system into their side of the duplex while they were at work.

There were another 3 elements to our attack, but the above is sufficient to illustrate the methodology so I wont go into further detail. The end result, as I'd hoped, was this man who'd spent so many months running about the neighborhood shouting from rooftops of devilry and black magick began running to the same people swearing he had been cursed, that he and his wife heard incessant screeching noises at all hours of the night (the Mind Molester), that their house had been overcome with the odor of death (the Liquid Roadkill, which is easily washed away when no longer needed), that they had begun having upset stomachs as a matter of course and that their very marriage had been on the rocks and that he had been visited by "demons" harassing him and his wife ceaselessly and telling them to leave. 

To the neighbors, Mr. Asshat's sanity quickly fell into question and he became a pariah, standing outside his home screaming that he could hear the demons wail and their smell their pungent odor throughout his home. 

Exactly 49 days after we begun this Magicko-Mundane operation, Mr and Ms Asshat moved, believing their home to be hopelessly haunted and seeking a new beginning elsewhere. The neighbors have almost all paid Juan a visit or stopped him outside, apologizing for having almost believed Asshat's raving and for having shunned him based on the words of a looney, and have welcomed him into the neighborhood,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Another Jupiterian Experiment Field Report

From Brother Kostas:

"I opened with the Shield of the Magi from Magic that Works, after first centering myself with various meditative and relaxation routines.  I would then perform the daily ritual over the candle, reading the prayer as slowly as possible so that my entire will went in to each and every word.  I would then spend an undetermined amount in silence watching the candle and receiving the energy that was brought up in the prayer.  The prayer, while short, accompanied by the candle, was able to open a rather powerful channel from which I could feel the energy of Marduk.  Each time I read the ritual, I would see images of a warrior in full regal dress standing on top of temple steps.  I found myself filled with this sense of power, and might... feeling almost invincible and able to overcome any obstacles.  I had to actually take some time to relax and control that energy each time to keep from feeling like I downed a pot of coffee.  I found that one of the names of Marduk would continue to echo in my mind all day every day, and has continued through to today. " 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jupiterian Experiement - First Field Report and More Reviews of Crossed Keys

Just posting some feedback, as promised, from the experiment  involving Marduk, as well as some I've received with regard to Crossed Keys...

"I've actually been going strong all week! So far the results have been very encouraging. After the daily prayer to Marduk, I've been giving an offering of wealth incense and whiskey. Have also been heating up Jupiter related items like my cashbox and the cigars from the first couple of times I accompanied the G4J rites over the candle.
My copy of the Rogue edition of Crossed Keys arrived today, it looks great! Thank you so much for including descriptions of your own process in working with it. The framing outline in particular was helpful."

And another;
Just wanted to let you know i received my copy of the crossed keys today, Rouge Edition.  I read the intro and leafed through the rest of the work for now.  I must say you did a great job.  Thank you so much for translating this and putting it out there for all!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crossed Keys - The First Look

Scarlet Imprint: "Crossed Keys Unlocked"

The First Word:

Andrew Dixon, via Facebook:

Michael Cecchetelli's Crossed Keys from Scarlet Imprint has arrived and looks stunning, from a quick look through the book the content is equally impressive and looks like being the definative version(s). Congratulations and thanks Michael, this is the regular Good Catholic edition, the Edition de Sable et d'Or deluxe is going to be amazing!

... it is a stunning piece of Work and will I am sure become one of the "go to" volumes. I envisage a few months at least looking into and through it and be certain it will be well used.

Drac Uber, via Facebook:

It is beautiful, isn't it. Currently just over half way through it an enjoying it greatly.

Andy Keys, via Facebook:
Just received my copy of the 'Good Catholic' edition of Michael Cecchetelli's "Crossed Keys" from Scarlet Imprint. Physically stunning, and at first glance the contents look very impressive, too. Congratulations to all involved.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crossed Keys In The Mail!

For all who've ordered the beautiful hardcover editions of Crossed Keys and have emailed me asking when it was to begin shipping, good news! As of today, all copies which were purchased and paid for have been shipped and are now enroute. The Rouge Edition, has also been released and are shipping now.

For those who seek a workable, practical system of Grimoiric Magick, Crossed Keys presents what is truly the most user friendly corpus you will find, in the form of "The Black Dragon; The Infernal Forces Subject To Man". You'll find it to be imminently usable and of great power, indeed it represents in and of itself a complete initiation in what is commonly thought of us "Black Magick", taking the aspirant through the initial evocation of the Kings of Hell, to the summoning of the rulers of each day of the week, Lucifer included, to the culmination wherein by virtue of that which is learned and experienced throughout, he ascends and the system as a whole is placed at his fingertips. 

Making The Black Dragon even more appealing to the modern practitioner and student is the absence of requirements for obscure, costly or rare tools and materia. Very little is necessary, for the Magick therein makes more use of the inherent Magickal power within than of symbolic representations of power such as lion skin belts.

Of even greater use to those who are hesitant to stoop down into that darkly splendid world below is the first English translation of the Grimoire spoken of by AE Waite, said to have been written by the Pope for Charlemagne, and to be the mean by which he achieved worldly power.  This work, while spoken of and referenced in the former, is its polar opposite in that the Magick contained therein are of great piety and reverence to the Catholic perceptions of god, making use of the Psalms to attain that which is desired. 

Also included are several pages from my own Magickal Journal explaining, in meticulous detail, how I brought the rites of the Black Dragon to fruition, as well as presenting the rites thereof in clear and structured form. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Commencement

So, two of my brethren who have volunteered to partake of the Jupiterian Experiment I've posted about so frequently have received the consecrated seven day candles I sent, with sigils of Jupiter and its spirits freshly emblazoned thereon. It being Wednesday, it looks as if we will have time to begin tomorrow in both the day and hour of Jupiter as directed by the God Marduk, whom is the benefactor of this work. 

Having discussed the work at hand with some of my G4J brethen over the past week, finally parting the veil, if only a tiny bit, I was quite pleased to discover that the same message which I received and which led to this work was also transmitted to others among them, lending further credence to my assertion that the old gods, Marduk in chief, have chosen to be known once again. It is my intent to assure that the present work is but the beginning, and to that end I will be redoubling my efforts to expand it. 

Stayed tuned folks, by all indications, things are going to get exciting

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back To Business

Having been momentarily distracted from the work at hand by other projects, I am happy to report that the Jupiterian Experiment for which I recently solicited volunteers is back on track. 4 of the consecrated candles with appropriate sigils emblazoned thereon have been sent and will reach the recipients this week. (For those of you who are involved, when you receive them please email me for the conjuration and instructions I promised as well as a fuller explanation of the project's origin)

In addition, having discussed the project with some of my peers at G4J only to discover that the project as I envisioned it intersects perfectly with one that was foreseen by one of them, I am looking at ways to expand it. I have arranged with a local purveyor to purchase a number of the Jupiterian Talismans tradition ascribes to Joseph Smith for the next phase, and should receive them in the coming week.

Anyone else interested in participating, leave a comment here with your email address and I'll contact you directly. (Your email address will not be published)

Periodic updates and field reports from the volunteers beginning the work will be posted weekly.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Defining "Black" Magick and The Ethics Thereof, Part II

While I am at present in a state of exhaustion, having just settled in after a marathon 6 hour Saturnian working with 2 of the aforementioned students which commenced shortly after 5am, I wanted to take a few moments to follow up on the previous post. 

While I originally imagined this second part to be exceed its predecessor in length by far, I find that in the conversation which ensued in the comments section, the majority of my own feelings were expressed, either by myself or my distinguished readers. Of equal relevance is the post by brother Inominandum, who in his usual forthright fashion addressed the issues at hand in a manner quite nearly echoing my own feelngs here

This being the case, much of my argument has already been made. For the sake of brevity I will not parrot what they've already written, but will speak on what standards I hold MYSELF to, and my own "code of ethics"

First let me say again that I do not hold with the terms "Black" or "White" Magick. As I expressed previously and some of the readers echoed, Magick is Magick. Period. Or, to put it more eloquently, quoting ConjureMan, "terms like black magic and white magic may seem useful, but in reality are too simplistic, for they create a dichotomy that does not exist. Specifically they refer to types of magical practice. Necromancy, for example, is deemed a form of black magic, whether used for good, or ill. Therefore such terms are limiting by their very nature." Therefore the question here becomes "What Are the Ethics of Magick", rather than of Black Magick as S.R. asked. For the purposes of this response, though, I am referring specifically to Magick which would, by ones such as S.R. and likely the majority of society, be CONSIDERED Black Magick. 

Use of Harmful or Malefic Magick

As expressed clearly in the former, I have in the past made use of Magick the intent of which was to cause harm to another. More than once. I have become somewhat adept in it, in fact, and that is not at all an admission from which I derive any measure of shame. We live in a very troubled world and indeed survival of the fittest has become law. For a Magus to limit himself solely to works intended to bring about self transformation and empowerment, forgoing the practice of all other sorts is akin to walking with his eyes closed through a minefield. While the mundane citizenry have recourse to police and courts, to arms, and other such tools on which they rely for protection, we as Magicians have been given yet another.  While the corrupted teachings of Yeshua incorrectly assert that when struck we should simply turn the other cheek, this is contrary to human nature and to, in my opinion, "sinful." It is our obligation to defend and protect, using any and all means available to us, ourselves, our loved ones and our wellbeing.  When another presents a clear and present threat to any of these, it is ingrained in our very soul and nature to defend, attack and remove the threat using ANY means available, and I find that to refuse to do so Magickally when applicable is foolish. 

If someone, for whatever reason, be it intoxication, criminal intentions or what have you, accosts you in the street with a knife, are you going to stand there and let him do his Will, or are you going to take the gallon of milk in your hand and knock the bejeezus out of him? If you are at home at night in bed with your spouse, your children in their room, and you hear a downstairs window shatter and someone coming up the stairs, are you going to get the gun from your nightstand or stand idle while praying that the intruder be blessed with peace and a loving heart? Are you going to pick up the phone and call the police, or deem that to do so would be harmful to the intruder, depriving them of their freedom and thus a "Black" or evil action? I already know some will say that comparing any of the above tools of survival, a legally owned gun, a call to police  or a gallon of milk, to Magick is foolish. To them I say, you're an idiot. Magick is a tool of which we can make use, like any other, and should not be deemed off limits for any application where it can be of use.

Knowing that the above will draw criticism from some, let me clarify in advance that I do not make a habit of cursing or magickally striking others, and I do not do so indiscriminately. I do so ONLY when mundane means are insufficient or logistically incapable of resolving the issue. When I do so, several factors are considered, including if the threat they pose or the offense they've committed against me is such that I would use other, mundane means to combat it as well. I find that for many who feel slightly jilted, or who haven't the testicular fortitude to confront their enemy face to face, resorting to Magick is all too easy, as it requires no confrontation. Therefore as a rule, one of the criteria I use in determining if such Magick is warranted is to ask myself if other means were available, such as introducing the offending individual to a louisville slugger or 9 iron, would I be as convinced that such direct action is necessary. If the answer is yes, if the subject were present before me I would deem it necessary to go Mike Tyson on his ass, then no, I have no problem doing it Magickally. I ask myself if I was NOT a Magus, would I still see this person as enough of a threat that I'd be willing to go back to prison to remove them as such? I consider if mundane, physical means of resolution would be more effective, and am far, far more likely to go this route than to employ curses. Magick is a means by which we can employ the most powerful forces in the universe to achieve our ends - to resort to its use to settle a lesser threat is akin to using a hand grenade to deal with a bees nest. Magick is the last resort, not the "go-to guy" If other, less "explosive" means of eliminating a threat are available, they should always be taken, but if not, then it behooves us to be unhesitating in our application of Magick.

Put simply, 

Dont call a fucking demon to do what a good ass-kicking would handle just as efficiently. If your troubles are such that they can be corrected by mundane means as such, then, as Jason would say, fucking nut up and deal with it. 

*Inominandum spoke at length on the idea that working Magickally to develop others spiritually, or to help them in the process of evolution, to be free of harmful traits, etc... without their consent is equally "evil", unless one is "a magician on the level of jesus" and I will therefore not do so here. I will, instead, simply sit here shaking my head and wondering how it is possible for anyone who has made even a basic foray into the practice of Magick to give any measure of merit to such a statement. 

Put simply,

Dude? Really? Did you REALLY just say that??

Friday, July 1, 2011

Defining "Black" Magick and The Ethics Thereof, Part I

Over the past few days I've been caught engrossed with debate which began after Frater RO's excellent post on "Enlightenment Bombing" wherein he details his successful experiment to remove (or supress) unpleasant qualities in an otherwise valued relation. This, however, is not the topic of this post, just the starting point from whence the inspiration for it originated. Following RO's post and follow up, the Golden Dawn's own Sincerus Renatus chimed in simultaneously recognizing RO's accomplishments and lauding him as one of the more knowledgeable and proficient Magicians out here and yet criticizing him as one who practices Black Magick.

While I do hold strong opinions with regard to this exchange, which I have expressed ad nauseum on the good Frater's Facebook wall and blog comments, it is not this issue of which I am writing. This evening's post is one I've been meaning to write for some time now, and springs from an essay I began years ago but put aside. It has been kicked to the front of the queue by the following statement by Sincerus Renatus;

But heaven being a professed Christian, it makes me wonder if Rufus Opus  ever Considered The Ethics Involved in this kind of "black" magic? What about the Free Will of Man? And who is he to  Actually know what is best for a human being? That Is not the prerogative of God? Is it right to use magic to Initiate person Against Their Will?

The operative portion of the above quote is "it makes me wonder if Rufus Opus speed ever Considered The Ethics Involved in this kind of "black" magic?"

Those who know me outside of my blog know that in the past two years I've taken on a handful of students (offline, not on), all of whom live within 90 minutes of me, and in whom I have seen a good deal of unrealized potential. I work with each of them individually, cultivating their specific strengths and minimizing their weaknesses, teaching them as I taught myself. One, whom has displayed an absolutely awe-inspiring affinity for work of a destructive nature, asked me "What exactly ARE the ethics of black magick, and for that matter what the fuck does this guy consider black magick anyway?" 

Defining Black Magick

Before endeavoring to address "ethics", it behooves me to explain that to myself and those I work with such as he, Black, Gray and White Magick simply do not exist. There is no "good" Magick, no "Evil" Magick. They do not exist. This assertion, I know, will draw the ire of some, and yet I care nothing about that.

Magick is Magick. It has many faces, many forms and its magnitude is beyond the human scope of comprehension. The power we wield when we harness the forces of nature, the planets, the elements and even moreso the spirits is something that exists wholly independent of such man-made concepts as good and evil. Like anything else in the universe, Magick can be used for evil, but it cannot BE evil. It is believed by many that rites of magick with the ability to destroy or kill are inherently evil, and yet this is folly. Is a pencil evil because in the wrong hands it can be pushed through flesh and sinew to puncture the carotid artery? No, it simple "is." It can be used to build or to destroy; To write a tome of great wisdom which can change the world, or to blind a victim when stabbed with it in the eye.  Likewise, no act of Magick in and of itself can be called evil. It is magus who determines how the power of Magick is applied and to what end. 

Let us examine a few situations;

Take, for example, a Magickal ritual wherein the Magus calls on a spirit widely known as a demon, one of the worst and more malefic thereof, makes offerings of incense and even his own blood, makes supplication unto this "devil", this embodiment of evil, and beseeches him to end the life of another man. Is this an evil act? SR and others would respond with an emphatic yes, and no justification or mitigation would suffice to convince them otherwise. 

And yet....

What if the target were a murderer of children and innocents? What if the target were the bloodthirtsy dictator of a region engaged in genocide, Darfur or Sudan? Hell, what if the target were Adolf Hitler? Would it still be evil? Would it still be "black" Magick? 

Take for example a spell wherein the Magus entreats the "Holy Angels of God", taps the forces and powers of beautiful Aphrodite and the planet of her rule for the express purpose of attracting love for himself or another. Surely THIS is a "good" or "white" Magick. 

But what if the love that is attracted is in the form of a married mother of 2, who leaves her family for the Magus? And what of HER free will? Have we not influenced her "destiny" and potentially altered her fate? 

Magick is but a tool and like any tool it can be used to build or to destroy. Magickal killing is no less valuable to us than Magick designed to cultivate love, nor is it any more evil. Therefore the terms Black and White Magick are oxymoron. There is only Magick, what you choose to do with it may make YOU evil or good by human standards and using societal norms, but the Magick is just the Magick. Therefore in my practice Magick of a destructive nature, whether to an obstacle or a man, is as relevant as its more socially acceptable counterpart. 

That being true, and having made my case for why "harmful" magick is, to me, quite acceptable under the right circumstances, the question again becomes "What are the ethics of Black Magick?"

That question, however, will have to wait until tomorrow.