Friday, January 27, 2012

A Strategic Sorcery Field Report

      In addition to the many hats I wear is that of a student. Despite the fulfillment I've found in my Grimoiric work, I am always looking to expand my horizons and enhance my own magickal repertoire, and to that end I study diligently the work of other successful practitioners such as Jason, RO, Aaron, Nicholaj and Conjureman, always more than willing to experiment with new tech I can possibly build into my own practice. 

    To that end. I am a student of the ever evolving system of Strategic Sorcery espoused by Frater Inominandum, both in his ongoing SS course and via his books. Yesterday, however, I had the privilege of "beta testing" some of his new material which you can expect to find in his forthcoming work on Financial Sorcery, and it is that material I'm going to talk about today. 

       As you'll no doubt recall from previous  posts here and across the blogosphere, many of modern magick's most practiced and innovative minds have come together under the auspices of Jupiter, two of which are Jason and I. During his work with Jupiter, he has been blessed with an arcana uniquely Strategic Sorcery in flavor, which enables the magus, or  Sorcerer, to tap into each of the four core aspects of Jupiter's areas of expertise, to wit Victory and Triumph, Abundance, Liberty and Harmony, by invocation of the four Goddesses associated therewith - 

       Victoria, the embodiment of victory and triumph 
       Libertas, the embodiment of liberty
       Concordia, the embodiment of harmony
       Abundanta, the embodiment of abundance and prosperity

      Last night, in addition to my own offerings to Jupiter and Marduk earlier in the day, I devoted one of Jupiter's hours to working  towards a relationship with these four Goddesses. I say "working towards" because in my experiences, deity, and in particular Goddesses, need to be "wooed" for lack of a better term, or courted perhaps, and one's intentions must be proven, for the good graces of the divine are generally not simply given to anyone who decides to casually invoke them, but rather to those who have a genuine interest in them. 

      What surprised me last night was that, when invoked using Jason's method, these four radiant deities seemed quite eager to appear and be of assistance. This I attribute to the manner in which Jason came in contact with them to begin with, which is after inquiring of Jupiter as to other means of harnessing his energies. This was both refreshing and encouraging, and it proved to be a portent of good things to come, as I was provided a bit of advice relating to an interview I have next week for a new position within my company, which I believe will be of great help to me. 

      Another piece of his new corpus that I intend to test drive over the next week is a set of seals which he has termed Lightning Glyphs of Jupiter, which further break down the many abilities of Jove to address specific needs, such as holding on to money, entrepreneurial work and development of financial discipline. The one I will be using, though, is one intended to facilitate promotion at ones place of employment. 

    Given the experiences I've had so far in test driving this small portion of his work,  I'm looking forward to the release of Financial Sorcery, and will keep the blog updated on how my use of the aforementioned seal progresses. 





  1. Very cool stuff indeed. I'll be starting Jason's latest cycle of Strategic Sorcery myself, after enjoying his books and benefiting I figured it was time to 'dig a little deeper.' I am interested in his upcoming Financial Sorcery and it's indeed again 'very cool' to hear more about it. Also, while I'm here, do you have a publication date yet for your upcoming book?

  2. My next release, with Nephilim, is tentatively scheduled to be released in Dec. Besides that, the Gentlemen For Jupiter anthology, When Kingdoms Come to which I'm contributing, is being worked on as well.

  3. Strategic Sorcery is new age bubble, you can't be serious about results with this. lol

  4. Okay, have you actually read Jason's books, Bezimienny Mag - or taken the course? If you had any actual experience with it you'd see how just far off the mark your comment is about it being a 'new age bubble.' If you still maintain your stance then offer your own excellent alternative. Criticism is easy, providing truth is hard - especially when ego is in the way.

  5. If someone talking about "will power" and "meditation" as part of so-called "magick" it can't be serious work obviously as there is no results with it. (cheating the brain don't sum as results)

    Even traditional talisman of jupiter can gain you plenty of wealth but I see that spirits don't allows all people do workings like this - for me it's obvious why.

    For first if you ask me for suggestion "what to do" - recognize the nature of the world it's called as "enlightenment" from there the aspects of all world will be obvious and you will find tools to "manipulate" these forces.

  6. Ok, so then almost all Buddhist magic - some of the oldest continuous lineages of magical practice on the planet - are "New Age" because I hate to tell you but meditation is integral to the work from that perspective. It is from that background that I come from.

    Meditation is about knowing your own mind. The mind that knows the spirits and does any action at all.

    As for results, my students report results regularly, some of which I post to my blog. Strategic Sorcery is an approach that weaves magic and mundane action seamlessly together. I would put my results up against anyones at any time.

  7. Have to disagree with you Bezimienny. If you've read this blog for any length of time you'll know that I'm no fan of the "new age" crap we see so much of these days, and I'm one of the most outspoken critics thereof (probably second only to Moloch) In fact I frequently come under fire for publicly criticizing most of whats being released these days as "trash for cash".

    Jason's teachings arent even in the same hemisphere with new age. He's got material straight from the same corpus I'm based in and fuses it nicely with Tibetan Magic. New age is all touchy feely, non materialistic, non result oriented. Bunch of damn hippies trying to "like, totaaaaly get in touch with my inner self dude, and like develop my one union with oneness because mateeeerial things are like, just hindrances to ascension maan". Blah.

    Jason is pure results, tangible, practical results. And I have to say, his stuff gets the job done. As for meditation; Do I think it is absolutely necessary for success in magick? Nope. But I think becoming proficient at it is a huge boost to your progress and makes it that much easier to succeed. I'll blog about the reasons why later on tonight, but in summary I can honestly say that while I was getting results in my evocations before I took up serious meditation, it wasnt until after I became somewhat proficient in it that I started getting full on, real deal two way communication going. Maybe I could have reached that point without meditation and maybe the meditation was just a tool to help me learn to block out all the extraneous distractions and excess thought processes so I could focus solely on the evocation without "background noise", but whatever the case, it definitely helped me get there.

  8. Quoting Mr. Miller

    "Ok, so then almost all Buddhist magic - some of the oldest continuous lineages of magical practice on the planet - are "New Age" because I hate to tell you but meditation is integral to the work from that perspective. It is from that background that I come from.

    Meditation is about knowing your own mind"

    Tibetan Magic and any other do not base of psychological nature or aspect of magic.

  9. I don't know where you got the idea that Strategic Sorcery took a psychological view of magic but nothing could be further from the truth. Excercises to clarify your mind do not reduce magic to psychology.

    You clearly have some problems understanding even the most basic concepts of what people are saying.

    I spent a decade studying almost nothing but Tibetan Magic and lived in Nepal for a time to fully immerse myself. trust me, meditation is a huge part of it.