Thursday, February 16, 2012

Venusian Talismans In Preparation - Only 4 Left

     While working on my forthcoming book, which contains instructions for the creation of a Venutian Talisman as found in a BCE papyrus, I was moved to create a handful or so of these pieces for myself and a few others who work with me on the restoration of this ancient system and testing the magick thereof. 

     Since the materials I ordered came in quantities sufficient for creation of a dozen of these talismans, I'm extending an offer to the readers of this blog, and 7 of these are being offered  at $75 each. Because of the difficulty involved in obtaining the needed materials, the least expensive of which is authentic handmade papyrus imported from Egypt (as opposed to the cheap mass produced crap on ebay), I do not foresee myself making these again. Among the other items I procured for this project are, yet another 1/2 lb of sand from Giza, writing reeds as used in Egypt during the period from which the ms dates, ink made using Nile water, gum arabic and soot, small scarab beads and more*. 

      So, should anyone have interest in purchasing one of these 7, feel free to shoot me an email or comment on this post with your own email address and I'll contact you directly. 

     *If anyone is interested in such items I have a new acquaintance, Ani, who lives minutes away from the pyramids and is willing to take pictures of himself collecting them for you before you pay him.

     UPDATE - 3 have been claimed, 4 remain



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