Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Quick Laugh

Thought I'd share this as it gave me a brief moment of amusement this morning. It has it all, ridiculous loopholes in US law, fetuses being smuggled into the country from Cuban "babalao" for use in a Santeria rite and jokes at the TSA's expense. Just what I needed on a Wednesday morning!


  1. Le Sigh. Well.....I'm not gonna front. I'm pretty stoked they didn't stick any of that "Dark Side of Santeria" nonsense about Palo in there, hahaha.

  2. Only because they did not research it hard enough Chris :-) I think it was implied by the "more secretive sects" comments.

    Of course, this does represent sort of a quandry for how Palo (and a few other traditions) play out in the US. We have had several cases where charges were pressed in the NY/NJ area because of foetus's or unauthorized use of remains.

    Even in cases where no law is broke, there is sometimes a negative reaction on the part of the deceased's surviving friends and family - ala the recent Kioni problem.

    I should point out that the problem also exists in Thailand and Burma where there are similar practices used bu Buddhists, and society sometimes has a similar reaction.

    The reality is that wherever remains become a part of religious practice, it is almost a given that not all the remains that are used are donated or acquired legally. This goes for Tibetan Buddhist implements purchased in Nepal as well - things that I use on a regular basis.

    This is a subject that I follow with quite a bit of interest to see how it plays out.

  3. Ha...very true, Jason, very true. Shame, because it's mostly unnecessary. Thank heavens for the Bone Room; no need to rob graveyards, you can get a human rib for your nfumbe for like $10.00. (Lot of folks think you need the full skull, which isn't true...almost any bone will do. I find the rib to be poetic, because of the old story about God making a full human out of Adam's rib. Plus....$10.00! Why spend $1k on a Kriyumba?)Order it over the net, give it ceremony, and your good. No need to risk jail and public fallout. Problem is there's no way to police this sort of community, and people only get to know us by the persons who become "newsworthy"...