Friday, April 27, 2012

The Book of Abrasax & Other Updates

     Following up on my previous post, I am happy to report that The Book of Abrasax is now nearing completion. The illustrations and seals are now in the talented hands of Asterion, who has thus far been successful in bringing them to life in a more dynamic way than I could have hoped for. Meanwhile, I am working diligently to complete the final chapter, entitled "Transcendent & Initiatic Magicks" which I assure you will be well deserving of that name. 

     Aside from this, I have been working feverishly in creation of a few Table of Practice orders and a set of planetary lamens, for buyers who have been quite patient despite the delays inherent in creation of such items at magickally advantageous times and days. Also keeping me busy has been the procurement of new Talismans and materia for my own use, undertaking to facilitate initiation of a friend and student and of course, mundane life. 
     Needless to say, I have been quite overtaken by events, hence my neglect of this blog. I am, however, preparing a somewhat lengthy article not unlike those from my earliest days as a blogger, which I think will be useful to all. I will be travelling to the midwest this weekend, on a ten day trip to open a new office, and will be completing it then. 

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  1. Great news on the forthcoming book. I'm very eager to read this one. Best regards.