Sunday, April 29, 2012 v2.0

I am happy to invite one and all to take a moment and feast their eyes on the reborn site. The new page comes courtesy of my friend and brother AIT, who after reading of my futile efforts to dreamweave and EZ-Build myself a suitable site, offered his help in the interest of keeping me from taking a crossbow to my laptop in fury. Both myself and my dell are extremely grateful for his intervention

The site went live today, but I havent added any content yet as I am, at the moment, in the O'Hare airport admirals club enjoying some uber-alcoholic concoction the bartender calls a "mongolian motherfucker" while awaiting my next flight. The drink itself is rather unpleasant tasting, and yet Im about to order my third simply because I enjoy saying "gimme a mongolian motherfucker!"


  1. Very nice! Needs a link to your blog, or are you moving the blog to the site?

  2. Glad you dig it, brother! Blog link has been added, thanks RO.