Monday, April 2, 2012

Venutian Talismans Shipped

For those who ordered the Venutian Talismans spoken of in a previous post, all of them have been shipped as of this morning. Because I didn't provide much detail as to their design in the earlier blog, I will give something of an idea now. 

The originals after which these were made were discovered in Coptic Egypt, taking the form of certain sacred formulae inscribed using a specific inks on virgin papyrus, consecrated or empowered using prayers to the deities specific to the working, placed in ceramic or clay jars onto which were painted or engraved further words of power or symbols, and then buried in the deserts of Egypt. 

My reproduction of these talismans hold true to the original structure as much as possible - hand made papyrus ordered from Egypt, ink made using the formula typical in that period and region with water from the Nile, the name of the deity, in this case Aphrodite appearing in an inverted triangular shape common to the magical talismans of the time and being drawn on using a reed while reciting the accompanying invocation 333 times (for each of the talismans). On the reverse side a design from another Venutian talisman from the same corpus denoting the Alpha and Omega.  The papyrus was then rolled, placed in glass vials with sand taken from the base of the pyramids. The name of the Goddess was then painted upon the glass along with the symbol of Venus. 

After creation of the talismans, on the subsequent day and in the hour of Venus, they were consecrated yet again by way of evocation of the Goddess to whom they are dedicated. 

I do apologize for the delays, and thank those who ordered them for your patience. There remains one available from someone who was unable to wait, so if anyone else would like to purchase it please do comment with your email address or else email me. 

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