Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Joys Of Magickal Craftsmanship

     A week or so ago I completed two custom pieces for readers, both Tables of Practice for use in Evocation, and as I found doing so to be quite a welcome break from my other projects and responsibilities, I decided to go ahead and make two more. 

     Pictured below are two full size (14" diameter, 2" height) hardwood Tables of Practice. (Or is it Table of Practices?) that I began on Sunday and which have been stained with a thick Mahogany finish (which is drying underneath an industrial fan as I write). 

     The design of the first Table is identical to one I made for a friend overseas last week. As he intends to use it in evocation of not only "angelic" spirits as per the usual Trithemius method but also of those planetary entities typically regarded as "demonic", I designed this table to be "neutral". That is to say, the sigils and regalia which adorn it are of the Planets, Astrological Powers and Elements themselves as they are - neutral - neither "good" nor "evil", holy or diabolical. 

     The second Table is true to the original, with the sole exception being that, as I always do, I have added the symbols of the Elements. It is my belief that omission of these symbols in Trithemius' version was an error, or perhaps oversight, and their inclusion lends a great deal of power to the whole. 

     Interested parties please feel free to email me, or leave a comment here with your own email address and I will respond.

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