Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why Doesn't Your Magick Work?

I received an email today from a reader of this blog who has, over the past year, grown bitter and disillusioned by his "dreadful lack of any kind of success in magick". His plea for an answer he could accept moved me to share with him, and now with you all, a small portion of my forthcoming book which, as you'll see, is directly relevant to his question. With his permission, here is an excerpt from his message to me:
".....As much as I despise myself for feeling this way, when I read about others actually getting shit done magickally and getting results they want it has been making me angry or more jealous than angry. I know guys that achieve these spirit manifestations and get their wishes deserve it and I hate to feel harshly toward them but it just pisses me off. I've been doing my rituals for 2 years, daily. I mean I stick it out, even when I'm in a shitty mood or when I really dont feel like it I do my daily work anyway, even if I have to just get my rites in real quickly wherever I happen to be, like at work in the broom closets lol. It gets tedious, doing the same rites everyday, but I stick with it day after day hoping for success and wanting it but shit just doesnt happen for me......" 

My response to him was this. You're fucking up. You're going about this wrong and you're being handicapped by your belief that you need to perform a set of rites every day, day in and day out.  Look at your words to me. "Even when I'm in a shitty mood or really dont feel like it I do my daily work anyway....." Magick is not something you can fake, nor is the Will to succeed in it. If you are half-assing it, just going through the motions without any real "oomph" behind it because you're exhausted from daily life, stressed out or otherwise distracted by mundane life, you're not going to succeed. Period. You THINK you want to succeed, but you dont. At all.

From the Book of Abrasax: 

...The student then approached the Magus, and earnestly said, "Brother, As much as I want to learn, and as much I want to succeed, as much as I study and practice, why can I not advance? Why has my ascension become stagnant?" To which the Magus replied, "When you truly want to succeed, you will. You do not yet want it." Befuddled, the aspirant replied, "But I do! I do want it, I do want to be like you!". The Magus considered the aspirant briefly and then said "if this is true, if your desire is real and your want of this magical art is genuine, follow me".
 Leading his pupil to the banks of the Nile, the Magus instructed the student to enter therein and bathe, that he may be cleansed. Following his teacher's instruction, the aspirant did so, whereupon the Magus seized the back of his student's head and forced him underwater, holding him there and allowing him no room for escape. The student fought, kicking, his arms flying wildly about with the strength of a man in whom the instinct for survival has taken over, and though he was but a boy and physically diminutive, his efforts were rewarded when he succeeded, at the last moment before his lungs filled with water and took from him his life, in pushing the teacher from him, rising and taking a breath.
Now afloat, gasping to fill his aching lungs with the precious air he so fought for, the student attempts to stand, exhausted and utterly without energy, every muscle in his body protesting the intense exertion through which they had been put, his teacher comes to his side and lifts him to his feet. Bewildered at his teacher's having attempted to kill him only to thereafter help him, the aspirant nonetheless accepted his aid.
 Upon reaching the shore, the Magus asks of the aspirant, "In that moment, underwater, helpless and certain of your impending death, Why did you fight me? Why did you resist?" To which the young man replied, "I was near to death! "Why do you imagine I fought you, madman! My only thought was of my need for air, my only desire was a single breath!, I wanted to breathe!"
The Magus then smiled, and replied, "When your desire to succeed in your magical art is equal to your desire for that breath, you will have your success." 


  1. Without trying to sound like a true 'fan girl,' I'll have to admit right now that the Book of Abrasax is the most anticipated book of the year for me.

  2. After having read this post and Crossed Keys, I too look forward to seeing the Book of Abrasax. The God in question has been a source of fascination for me for many years.

    That said, your post on the subject is quite appropriate. Cultivating desire is part and parcel of getting what you want in most cases. Sure, there are the occasional spirits whose job it is to provide you with what you actually need, but that's more-or-less relegated to the realm of Tantra. If one turns desire into need, one can make that need manifest.



  3. I wonder what he was trying to achieve with those rites? They sound like they were being done for the purpose of achieving some specific things (which may have been omitted). And your response was interesting.

    Sometimes a natal affliction can be the culprit. If you're doing magic for wealth and your Mercury and/or Jupiter are suffering from an affliction then it's going to seem a bit more difficult.

    I would look into planetary charities if I were him. Make amends with any afflicted planets.

    For stuff to manifest it's got to pass through all of the spheres, the planets, the Moon.... and from what I can tell and based on personal experience, having an affliction with a planet might affect things.

    For instance, I know a guy with an afflicted (detrimental) Mercury, Moon and Mars. He's got ADHD, he's always afraid that his head is in danger or being threatened (afflicted Mars), and he's having problems accumulating security and comfort with wealth or with his home situation. Basically anything influenced by those planets are problematic for him. Natal afflictions can really mess with you.

  4. I love everything about this post. Just an FYI.

  5. This reminds me of a true story. I once knew a Lama named Kunga who had a student that kept bothering him to do a formal refuge ceremony. Kunga prefered to give informal teachings and transmissions, but this guy wanted the whole set up. For weeks he bugged him to set it up until Kunga finally set it up. Then the dude did not show. A few days later he came to Kunga and said "I still want to do it, but I want you to tell me why I need refuge".

    So Kunga punched him in the face.

    The guy said "What the fuck man! I'm Sorry! What the fuck!"

    Kunga punched him again.

    The guy said more of the same and Kunga punched him yet again.

    Finally the guy took a swing at Kunga. Kunga blocked it and put his hands up and said: "The point that you needed to punch back so that I would stop hitting you is the point you needed refuge from being punched. If you are at that point with the cycles of Samsara itself, then you need refuge. If not then you don't."

  6. Without meaning to sound too stupid for words as I genuinely want to know... How does one cultivate that level of desire, then?

    I'm perfectly okay with thinking about things like this (I know its probably true), so long as there's something I can do to actually change it. If I don't want the major goals in my life badly enough to achieve them, does anybody have any tips on how I can want them more?

    (I'm not the guy who sent the question, but it definitely effects me as well :-D)

  7. If you want to magic work, build subjective synthesis (Lisiewski) and run away from new age. Even simple spells are more powerful than some new age bullshit crowley lodge magic and other mainstream GD idiotism.

  8. I agree that connecting with what you really want is the most difficult aspect of the magical endeavour. Your desire has to rise out of a really deep place in yourself to power your magic. That kind of desire is not cultivated - it's there already, it's a manifestation of your real self, and either you connect with it or you don't.

    We're in a consumer society where people are educated to be very self-indulgent, so they are all the time subject to trivial wants. Finding your true desire under those conditions is no easy task. A spartan lifestyle, and traditional approaches like meditation and martial arts, may help put some order into this aspect of your psyche.