Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clarification On "Abrasax" Talisman

     Quick follow up on a comment posted over at Jason's blog with regard to the christian elements of the talisman I posted yesterday. 

     YES, the Talisman does has aspects of christianity in its design, and in fact one of the symbols is a direct reference to "Jesus". I explained the relationship between Abrasax and christianity in the Book of Abrasax, but as that book isnt yet available I'll go into it briefly here for the benefit of those ordering or considering this talisman, as well as those who just have inquiring minds. 

     The "Jesus" referenced and called upon in several places throughout the Book of Abrasax, as well as the larger corpus from which it is drawn, is as far removed from the catholic rendition of him as true islam is from its radical counterparts. The historical and factual man, "Yeshua", plays a very important and intrinsic role in the Coptic/ Gnostic Magickal system, mirroring that of Hermes and Thoth to the Greek and Egyptians. In this capacity he is regarded as a Messiah and Master - one who is not god himself, but has ascended to the level also reached by Hermes, wherein knowledge of the universe and the mechanisms by which it functions is his to teach. The Gnostic magicians who laid the foundations for the system we are now trying to fully develop viewed Yeshua as the Son of God, not in the catholic viewpoint (wherein he himself was god, descended and taken corporeal form) but like unto Hermes in his vision of Poimandres, having been chosen by the true god as the receiver and teacher of the truth. 

     The Yeshua of whom we make reference in this work is not the Nicean "Jesus". There are few institutions extant for whom my contempt is as strong as it is for the roman church and their invented version of Jesus. That contempt, however, is limited to the man made interpretation of the man, and not who he really was, that is to say a Magus, teacher and messiah. 

     Finally, the relationship between Abrasax (Yes, I use Abrasax and not Abraxas) and Yeshua, and that magicians of the day is well established. However, the naming of these talismans wasnt due to it being one specifically devoted to him, but rather because it was he that inspired me to create them, and him with whom I will be doing consecrations. In the future I may well design a talisman after the traditional "Abrasax Stone", but that has yet to happen. 

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