Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Talisman Available

     While finalizing "The Book of Abrasax", I was urged to create one of the talismans from elsewhere in the corpus from which I was working. The resultant pieces are unlike any I have offered before, and for that matter quite unlike any that have been offered anywhere else of which I am aware. 

     The Talisman is hand crafted on 2 to 2.5" diameter hardwood discs, slightly larger than those I use in planetary lamens (I cut the discs myself, so while each is perfectly circular, they're all unique and thus some are larger by a quarter to half inch or so.) The designs shown below are burned into the wood, after which they are finished with stain and shellac. 

     The Talisman is created under the auspices of the God to whom my forthcoming book is dedicated, and consecrated by virtue of his blessing, in his name, Abrasax. The consecration and empowerment ceremony I will use is a veritable evocation of Abrasax, wherein the God is entreated, in his manifest form, to empower them himself. 

     The design is a synthesis of two talismans dated between -100 and 400CE, one of which appears on each side, as pictured below. 

     The first symbol is a protective one, placing the bearer under the guardianship of the God, while the second is to establish the bearer's reign and Kingdom by drawing prosperity and abundance. The Talisman, therefore, is charged with a dual purpose; to secure the owner from harm, and to promote his or her fortune. 

     Each side is encompassed by an Ouroboros, a symbol with which I am sure you are all quite familiar, which is in and of itself very powerful, and which plays a very important role in the magickal system from which The Book of Abrasax is drawn. 

     Each of these Talismans will come in a silken pouch, on which the name and sigil of Abrasax are hand painted, and with a detailed explanation of a ritual with which you may, if you desire, periodically strengthen your own link to the talisman. 

     Because the materials used in creation of these talismans is relatively minimal and inexpensive, and in keeping with my efforts to offer these products to even those on a more restrictive budged as I mentioned a couple of posts back, this Talisman will be made available at $50, including US shipping, or $60 including shipping worldwide. 

     Also, in order to avoid shipping delays and backlogs such as I have recently experienced, the talismans have already begin their journey from vision to manifestation, so orders will be filled without the need for you to wait a few weeks for your item to be made. 

     Feel free to comment or email with any questions. 

Shipping in US - $50

International Shipping - $60

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