Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Update On The Book Of Abrasax

As I have a few minutes on my hands this morning with nothing pressing begging to fill them, a rare commodity lately in and of itself, I thought I'd drop in and provide an update on this work. As previously mentioned, the book has left the editors desk and subsequently my own for final review, and is now in the layout phase, after which its off to the printer. 

Frank @ Nephilim and I have spoken at length about the issues facing readers and students of occult books in the present, (i.e. long periods of time between the time they pre-order the book due to unforeseen delays at the binder, printer etc..., expensive and limited run deluxe editions which (quite justifiably) sell out almost immediately, etc... ) 

For these reasons, we've decided to go another route with The Book of Abrasax. There will be no pre-order phase; The books are expected to be in Nephilim's hands and ready for shipment in early October, and that is when Nephilim will begin accepting orders. 

With regard to pricing and editions, there will be two options. In order to make the beautifully bound deluxe editions more widely available to most anyone, an run of 200 copies will be made available, and at a much reduced price -

  • 500 Copies,  Standard cloth bound hardcover, gilt with gold lettering on cover and spine - $50
  • 200 Copies, Full leather "Special Reserve Edition", also gilt with gold lettering on cover and spine - $100

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the info, Mike.

    Great to see an almost 'counter culture' approach to the selling of the deluxe editions for your new title. I'm very excited for it and wish you the best of luck.

    Hopefully the shipping works out better with Nephilim on your title - I preordered The Book of Azazel from Nephilim and have yet to have it arrive at my door step (almost 3 months to the day of them being shipped).