Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Batch Of Talismans Shipping Tomorrow

     Quick note to inform all the buyers of the Talismans offered in the past couple of weeks; The final batch is shipping tomorrow. Due to the length of time involved in international shipping, I tried to process all of the overseas orders first, then the domestic ones in order of purchase. Tomorrow the final 6 go out, as I will be  finalizing the consecrations this evening. 

     In my original post I indicated that a set of ritual instructions would come with the Talismans, and that remains the case; However, inspired by a wiser man, I've decided to make them available to all who ordered these Talismans via download, and to encourage all to participate in the ritual outlined on the same day and on the same (3rd) planetary hour, in the interest of mutually tapping the current and touching the Deities unto whom it is consecrated. I am at present working out the most advantageous astrological time, and will then contact each of you via email to invite your participation. 

     There remains 3 of these available due to a cancelled order, so if anyone has interest, the purchase buttons are below.

    Update - Make that 2 remaining

Shipping in US - $50

International Shipping - $60

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