Monday, October 22, 2012

The Book of Abrasax - Grimoire of The Hidden Gods

     As you've no doubt noticed, either by my now expired countdown timer on last night's post or by Frank's subscriber email, The Book of Abrasax was born at midnight last night. 

     The time was specifically selected to coincide with a ceremonial evocation of the God Abrasax and his Four Luminaries by myself and 5 others, conducted under the stars at one of New England's most beautiful (and tolerant, likely due to its proximity to Salem) beaches.  

     A circle, 9 feet in circumference, defined on the sand, formed of a black powder alternative obtained from a pyrotechnic store just after the 4th of July. Inside the circle, the seal of Abrasax, equally sized so that its peak was touching the circle in which it was contained, also drawn using the pseudo-black powder. In the center of the seal, a small bonfire on which was burned resin incense in an amount which, as it turned out, was likely double what the working necessitated, but which I'm sure the neighbors for a mile or more appreciated.

     Each of the participants, holding a yellow candle, gathered around the bonfire at the circle's center, myself and five others, and I commenced the evocation. Following the preliminary portion of the rite which consisted of the evocation of the Luminaries and an adjuration to Abrasax, each of us dipped the wick of our candle into the flame, then withdrew to our appointed place outside the circle, and as a group chanted the name of the God 364x, loudly, imperiously, and in so vehement a manner as has left me without a voice today. Following the 364th recitation, as one and in perfect sync, each of us lowered our candle to the circle and chanted the name ABRASAX a 365th time, as we did, setting both circle and seal ablaze in all their glory. 

     What followed was easily the most powerful and transformative Magickal  experience I have ever had, second only to the moment of attainment of true acquaintance with my Guardian Angel. The appearance of Eleleth and his brethren was breathtaking, and brought with it a sense of peace, tranquility and divinity unlike anything I could have foreseen. The appearance of Abrasax, in stark contrast, was marked by an unbridled power that left us feeling as if we had been standing in the eye of a hurricane, albeit one that was protective and empowering, not at all destructive. Abrasax' countenance was like unto his traditional depictions, except that his legs were those of a man, and as opposed to Luminaries who only appeared a foot or so taller than us, Abrasax was monumental. (So much so that I was honestly worried that one of my colleagues in particular might just pull an Agnolo)

     In the coming week I will be releasing a much delayed ritual to those who've ordered one of the Abrasax Talismans I recently offered, as well as coordinating a synchronized universal rite in which all are welcome to participate, so stay tuned.


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  1. Amazing Michael.
    Reading the Crossed Keys, I felt like I found a brother, and now seeing the release of the Book of Abrasax, I know I have a brother. I just ordered your latest work directly through Frank. This will be like coming back to the beginning, the origin, of my present work of some 20 years. And I know I am not the only one. Blessed be, brother, blessed be.
    Daniel E Policarpo