Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Book of Abrasax - The Reviews

     Since my last post there have been several excellent reviews done for my recent release, The Book of Abrasax. In addition, I have received a plethora of feedback and questions from readers who have begun working with it. I have decided to organize all such reviews in this post, which I will keep up to date and place a link to on the blog's main page. 


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  1. I feel quite lucky to have stumbled across this great tome, just got it in the mail and it looks like a fantastic collection of rites!

    I have to admit, Greek is not my strong suit. For some reason I seem to have a knack for other languages such as Hebrew and Latin. I was wondering Michael, if you have any suggestions for any sort of guidebook that would improve one's pronunciation of ancient Greek and/or Coptic? (I have not yet read the book, so apologies if there is a reference to this issue in it). I did peruse the Bibliography, maybe one of those references would be a good start?

    Perhaps I'm over thinking it here, but I notice a couple sections also where long tonalities are sounded -i.e. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, EEEEEEEEE, etc. These and other vowels can of course be pronounced in different fashions, and likely are intended to be sounded in a way most modern folk would not think of. I'm assuming in my limited knowledge of Greek, IIIIIII is sounded as 'eeeeeee', EEEEEE is sounded as 'ehhh', etc but I could also be mistaken. Also, X's, th sounds (like 't' as pronounced in Hebrew or 'th' as is written?) and vowels with accent marks come up on occasion..

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance and congratulations on your great work here!