Sunday, August 26, 2012

Final Few Talismans

     Many thanks to one and all who have ordered the Talismans I spoke of earlier in the week. The overwhelming response and number of orders I've received has made it necessary to limit the number of sales I accept, as I want to get these into the hands of their new owners as soon as possible. 

     To that end, I will only accept four more orders, putting the number of Talismans made & sold at and even 2 dozen. Below are the paypal buttons again. They will be removed from this post once the remaining 4 pieces are sold. 

Shipping in US - $50

International Shipping - $60

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clarification On "Abrasax" Talisman

     Quick follow up on a comment posted over at Jason's blog with regard to the christian elements of the talisman I posted yesterday. 

     YES, the Talisman does has aspects of christianity in its design, and in fact one of the symbols is a direct reference to "Jesus". I explained the relationship between Abrasax and christianity in the Book of Abrasax, but as that book isnt yet available I'll go into it briefly here for the benefit of those ordering or considering this talisman, as well as those who just have inquiring minds. 

     The "Jesus" referenced and called upon in several places throughout the Book of Abrasax, as well as the larger corpus from which it is drawn, is as far removed from the catholic rendition of him as true islam is from its radical counterparts. The historical and factual man, "Yeshua", plays a very important and intrinsic role in the Coptic/ Gnostic Magickal system, mirroring that of Hermes and Thoth to the Greek and Egyptians. In this capacity he is regarded as a Messiah and Master - one who is not god himself, but has ascended to the level also reached by Hermes, wherein knowledge of the universe and the mechanisms by which it functions is his to teach. The Gnostic magicians who laid the foundations for the system we are now trying to fully develop viewed Yeshua as the Son of God, not in the catholic viewpoint (wherein he himself was god, descended and taken corporeal form) but like unto Hermes in his vision of Poimandres, having been chosen by the true god as the receiver and teacher of the truth. 

     The Yeshua of whom we make reference in this work is not the Nicean "Jesus". There are few institutions extant for whom my contempt is as strong as it is for the roman church and their invented version of Jesus. That contempt, however, is limited to the man made interpretation of the man, and not who he really was, that is to say a Magus, teacher and messiah. 

     Finally, the relationship between Abrasax (Yes, I use Abrasax and not Abraxas) and Yeshua, and that magicians of the day is well established. However, the naming of these talismans wasnt due to it being one specifically devoted to him, but rather because it was he that inspired me to create them, and him with whom I will be doing consecrations. In the future I may well design a talisman after the traditional "Abrasax Stone", but that has yet to happen. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Talisman Available

     While finalizing "The Book of Abrasax", I was urged to create one of the talismans from elsewhere in the corpus from which I was working. The resultant pieces are unlike any I have offered before, and for that matter quite unlike any that have been offered anywhere else of which I am aware. 

     The Talisman is hand crafted on 2 to 2.5" diameter hardwood discs, slightly larger than those I use in planetary lamens (I cut the discs myself, so while each is perfectly circular, they're all unique and thus some are larger by a quarter to half inch or so.) The designs shown below are burned into the wood, after which they are finished with stain and shellac. 

     The Talisman is created under the auspices of the God to whom my forthcoming book is dedicated, and consecrated by virtue of his blessing, in his name, Abrasax. The consecration and empowerment ceremony I will use is a veritable evocation of Abrasax, wherein the God is entreated, in his manifest form, to empower them himself. 

     The design is a synthesis of two talismans dated between -100 and 400CE, one of which appears on each side, as pictured below. 

     The first symbol is a protective one, placing the bearer under the guardianship of the God, while the second is to establish the bearer's reign and Kingdom by drawing prosperity and abundance. The Talisman, therefore, is charged with a dual purpose; to secure the owner from harm, and to promote his or her fortune. 

     Each side is encompassed by an Ouroboros, a symbol with which I am sure you are all quite familiar, which is in and of itself very powerful, and which plays a very important role in the magickal system from which The Book of Abrasax is drawn. 

     Each of these Talismans will come in a silken pouch, on which the name and sigil of Abrasax are hand painted, and with a detailed explanation of a ritual with which you may, if you desire, periodically strengthen your own link to the talisman. 

     Because the materials used in creation of these talismans is relatively minimal and inexpensive, and in keeping with my efforts to offer these products to even those on a more restrictive budged as I mentioned a couple of posts back, this Talisman will be made available at $50, including US shipping, or $60 including shipping worldwide. 

     Also, in order to avoid shipping delays and backlogs such as I have recently experienced, the talismans have already begin their journey from vision to manifestation, so orders will be filled without the need for you to wait a few weeks for your item to be made. 

     Feel free to comment or email with any questions. 

Shipping in US - $50

International Shipping - $60

Are The Grimoires Dead Wrong? (A Follow Up)

     After a significant period of stagnation here at The Lions Den, I've finally been motivated to get back into the swing of things and resume posting, largely due to a topic of conversation begun on the blogosphere that is of great interest to me personally. 

     The discussion in question began with EA Koetting's assertion that "The Grimoires are dead wrong", having been modified from their original form, to wit inclusive of true demonic conjurations that bore no resemblance to the judeo-christian themed examples now found in them. His rationale for this assumption does make sense, and the fact that some of the Grimoires we now know and love were at some point modified to lend them an air of piety, however false, is something I spoke on in Crossed Keys years ago. As EA correctly states, many of these works have their roots in a period in history where the tyrannical and repressive roman church was at the peak of its power, and merely the accusation that one was a heretic was in many cases sufficient to warrant a death sentence. For that reason, many of the conjurations, entreaties, and the overall "flavor" of some of the classics was altered to demonstrate pseudo-piety. 

     Although this is the case with some of these works, I think EA is incorrect in assuming that is true for all. The fact is that many of the Grimoires wherein we find the practitioner calling on judeo-christian deity were working handbooks akin to the authors personal book of shadows, in which they documented for posterity's sake their own workings, and many of the magicians of the day did believe that the Magick they accomplished was made possible only by the blessings and intervention of the "God" on whom they called. Asterion does a far better job of explicating this than I, and I'd suggest that anyone with interest in this topic head over to his blog and give it a read through. 

     While I do agree with EA that some of the Grimoires on which we now rely may have been altered and/ or diluted over time due to the prying eyes of inquisition and the church of Rome, I do not agree in the least that this makes them "dead wrong" or ineffective. On the contrary, I assert that this is not at all the case. My own experience has been that what makes a particular working from any Grimoire ineffective is when the rite itself or the conjurations of which it makes use are contrary to what the practitioner truly believes. If, like me, you abhor the roman catholic church and understand that its interpretation of Yeshua as "Lord and Savior Jesus" is an entirely fictitious representation of the Master Yeshua and wholly in contrast to who he actually was, then making use of a Grimoire wherein you propose to command the denizens of hell in the name and by the authority of that man made god is likely futile. If you cant even convince yourself that in his name you have authority over those you summon, how likely are they to respond any differently? This is another aspect Asterion touches on quite well, and I again refer you to his blog for his point of view. 

     The Grimoires with which we work are truly living things. They represent "what worked" for our predecessors, and as such can go a long way to teaching us how to developed a system which will work for US. Indeed this is how my entire practice is built, and I have enjoyed a greater degree of success than I could have imagined. The key to the Grimoires is not to feel locked in to even the smallest detail simply because it represents what worked well for others, but rather to understand WHY it worked for them, the mechanics by which it was so, and then apply the same principles to your own work. If you dont share the same belief system and level of faith that the author of a given Grimoire held, copying his work detail by detail is going to be less effective for you than finding out why he structured his system as he did and adapting it to your own beliefs. 

     One caveat to this posting - I am NOT a Chaote who thinks all you need to do is believe in whatever paradigm or pantheon you're working with in the moment and it will work for you. In fact I find that concept foolish. In saying "If you do not recognize X deity, you cannot evoke another in his name" I am not saying you can reverse the principle and succeed in evoking superman by believing in jorel, nor Harry P by the authority of dumbledork. What I am saying is that the spirits, gods, demons and daemons of old do exist - not in your mind or as part of your subconscious as AC would have you believe, but in as real terms as you or I. Despite that, though, if your own sincerely held belief is that the judeo-christian god is the "one true god", you're not going to have a hell of a lot of luck evoking Aphrodite in the name of Zeus Anaximenes. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Update On The Book Of Abrasax

As I have a few minutes on my hands this morning with nothing pressing begging to fill them, a rare commodity lately in and of itself, I thought I'd drop in and provide an update on this work. As previously mentioned, the book has left the editors desk and subsequently my own for final review, and is now in the layout phase, after which its off to the printer. 

Frank @ Nephilim and I have spoken at length about the issues facing readers and students of occult books in the present, (i.e. long periods of time between the time they pre-order the book due to unforeseen delays at the binder, printer etc..., expensive and limited run deluxe editions which (quite justifiably) sell out almost immediately, etc... ) 

For these reasons, we've decided to go another route with The Book of Abrasax. There will be no pre-order phase; The books are expected to be in Nephilim's hands and ready for shipment in early October, and that is when Nephilim will begin accepting orders. 

With regard to pricing and editions, there will be two options. In order to make the beautifully bound deluxe editions more widely available to most anyone, an run of 200 copies will be made available, and at a much reduced price -

  • 500 Copies,  Standard cloth bound hardcover, gilt with gold lettering on cover and spine - $50
  • 200 Copies, Full leather "Special Reserve Edition", also gilt with gold lettering on cover and spine - $100

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Look At Scarlet Imprint's "Crossroads"

     I awoke this morning to discover that my friends at Scarlet Imprint have just posted the first pictures of their new anthology, to which I am happy to be a contributor.

     The book itself is a beauty, as is typical of S.I.'s releases, and will surely grace any collector's shelf. The content, however, is what I am excited about. The prospect of so many of the brightest minds in modern magick coming together to fill the pages of this tome with their thoughts and experiences on such an interesting topic as the cultural fusion of magickal traditions worldwide is surely going to be something special. 

     Thanks to Peter, Alkistis and Jake for bringing this together