Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book of Abrasax Payment Options

     Quick update - between Monday and today I received a dozen emails asking why Paypal wasn't an option for those ordering The Book of Abrasax from Nephilim Press. I spoke to Frank last evening, and he WILL accept Paypal payments from those who aren't able to use credit cards directly. Send an email to and he will reply with a paypal invoice.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review Of The Book of Abrasax

     I woke up this morning to the pleasant discovery that The Book of Abrasax had been reviewed by ConjureMan Ali for his Blog. I have said it before and yet I will say it again now, few things are as satisfying to an author and practitioner than his work being appreciated and applauded by those who are teachers and experts in their own right, and this review is a perfect example. 

     This review can be found here: 

     For those who missed it, here also is Jason Miller's pre-release review:

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Book of Abrasax - Grimoire of The Hidden Gods

     As you've no doubt noticed, either by my now expired countdown timer on last night's post or by Frank's subscriber email, The Book of Abrasax was born at midnight last night. 

     The time was specifically selected to coincide with a ceremonial evocation of the God Abrasax and his Four Luminaries by myself and 5 others, conducted under the stars at one of New England's most beautiful (and tolerant, likely due to its proximity to Salem) beaches.  

     A circle, 9 feet in circumference, defined on the sand, formed of a black powder alternative obtained from a pyrotechnic store just after the 4th of July. Inside the circle, the seal of Abrasax, equally sized so that its peak was touching the circle in which it was contained, also drawn using the pseudo-black powder. In the center of the seal, a small bonfire on which was burned resin incense in an amount which, as it turned out, was likely double what the working necessitated, but which I'm sure the neighbors for a mile or more appreciated.

     Each of the participants, holding a yellow candle, gathered around the bonfire at the circle's center, myself and five others, and I commenced the evocation. Following the preliminary portion of the rite which consisted of the evocation of the Luminaries and an adjuration to Abrasax, each of us dipped the wick of our candle into the flame, then withdrew to our appointed place outside the circle, and as a group chanted the name of the God 364x, loudly, imperiously, and in so vehement a manner as has left me without a voice today. Following the 364th recitation, as one and in perfect sync, each of us lowered our candle to the circle and chanted the name ABRASAX a 365th time, as we did, setting both circle and seal ablaze in all their glory. 

     What followed was easily the most powerful and transformative Magickal  experience I have ever had, second only to the moment of attainment of true acquaintance with my Guardian Angel. The appearance of Eleleth and his brethren was breathtaking, and brought with it a sense of peace, tranquility and divinity unlike anything I could have foreseen. The appearance of Abrasax, in stark contrast, was marked by an unbridled power that left us feeling as if we had been standing in the eye of a hurricane, albeit one that was protective and empowering, not at all destructive. Abrasax' countenance was like unto his traditional depictions, except that his legs were those of a man, and as opposed to Luminaries who only appeared a foot or so taller than us, Abrasax was monumental. (So much so that I was honestly worried that one of my colleagues in particular might just pull an Agnolo)

     In the coming week I will be releasing a much delayed ritual to those who've ordered one of the Abrasax Talismans I recently offered, as well as coordinating a synchronized universal rite in which all are welcome to participate, so stay tuned.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

And So It Begins...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nephilim Press' Announcement

Nephilim Press Preferred Customer

Nephilim Press

The Book of Abrasax

Here we are halfway through October and I am finally able to tell you all that our newest title, "The Book of Abrasax," is shipping to us on Friday Oct the 19th.  This book is available in two editions, the Standard Edition and the Practitioners Edition. The Standard edition of 700 copies is bound in maroon cloth with marbled gold and black end-papers, while the Practitioners edition of 200 copies is bound in burgundy leather with a place marker ribbon and the same gold and black marbled end-papers. Both Editions are smythe sewn for durability and Inside their covers lie over one hundred and fifty pages of heavyweight archival quality cream colored paper stock packed with information, sigils, signs, rituals, symbols, imagery and just about everything else you could ask for in a ground breaking work that recreates the intricacies of a lost ancient magical system. 

Thanks again for your time and your patronage​.

Ordering and Shiping

We are offering the Standard Edition for $50 US and the Practitioners ​Edition for $120 US 
Shipping will be $10 US and $20 for international orders. We are now accepting credit card orders directly on our new web site, and we have streamlined ordering and shipping so that we will not have the problems that we had with our first release. 

Preferred Customers

Keep an eye out for the official "available for order"​ email we will be sending out to our preferred customers. If you wish to become a preferred customer simply go the and sign up. As a preferred customer you will get advace opportunity to order new releases and reserve special items and titles that are only available to preferred customers.

Deep in the halls of academia there exists scattered fragments of a Magickal corpus that predates the classical Grimoires by far. This once fully developed system of magick, which seamlessly fused transcendent rites of evocation and initiation with immediately practical workings for attainment of temporal wealth and power, sadly languished in recent centuries, all but disappearing into obscurity and existing only in scattered bits and pieces presented in academic or anthropological studies of ancient religions.