Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Field Report #1

     With regard to the previously offered service, although I had not intended to post any feedback or field reports from those who have taken me up on this offering, the below email is one that I felt compelling enough to warrant sharing here. The individual with whom I worked on this project has given me his blessing to do so, so long as I redact any personally identifiable information.

Frater M.
I need to update you on the happenings since last Thursday when we did our work!! Like I told you the day after we executed your ritual it was a hell of a powerful experience for me because my experince with deific contact  and communication with the ones I evoke has almost always been stagnated at the level where I can receive communication clear enough but can't usually open much of a dialogue or have any real back and forth type contact. So this was a shock for me but a good one. Anyway back to the update, the work that Tzadquiel directed me to do to improve my situation at work and gain back the accounts my boss stole for himself has worked even better than I asked for!! What happened is on THURSDAY last week, THURSDAY lmfao, my boss got brough in to HR and put on suspension because it was come to their attention that he was using sick days and personal days to cover vacation days which we cant do, and had falsified his time. Then yesterday, [how subtle is that that this part happens on Tuesday when Tzadquiel told us to burn a candle to Kamael,] he was let fired because of the falsification and the investigation into it lead to even more discrepancies. So the accounts he took from me and from others in my unit are all returned to us, and we also get to bid for his own accounts, and since I am the senior I will get the best one which is Office Max and make a ton on the commissions. And get this, the accounts will be rolled over into my portfolio tomorrow, THURSDAY, so I'll even get credit for the sales HE made last week since payroll for them closes out this Friday lol...
 So to make it simple, instead of just getting my accounts back like I hoped for, I got my accounts back, the account and commission theiving boss is fired AND I got his best account and a couple lesser of his customers for myself, I will even get credit for his last week of sales. I'm fucking happy man and my wife was all over me when I told her all of this. I have to complete the final part of the work tomorrow to give thanks for intervention to the Angel and to Jove. But what do I need to do now with the sigil we made that we worked together for?

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  1. That is a heck of a recommendation to your service. Congrats on performing such an outstanding service for your customer, and congrats to your customer for coming out so far ahead. Heck of a way to start the new year.