Friday, May 3, 2013

By Popular Demand, A Fine Edition of The Book of Abrasax!

     Following the launch of my latest work, The Book of Abrasax in both standard and practitioners' leather editions, Nephilim Press and I have each received incredibly positive feedback from readers the world around. From right here in my own back yard to as distant a location as South Korea, folks have expressed a great deal of appreciation for the work, and enthusiasm to begin the journey that is practical PGM and Coptic Egyptian Magick. 

     However diverse the nature of the compliments and feedback we've received, there has been one constant source of puzzlement, and that is why did we not offer one of the beautifully hand bound and exclusive editions that have become standard in today's occult publishing game alongside our inexpensive alternatives. The answer to that, and to why I didnt go to greater lengths to adorn the editions we did release with marbled endpapers, ribbons and further such deco, is that  I wanted the work to be judged on its merits, and based on its content, not the wrapping. If the book was to succeed, I wanted it to be wholly because it is a valuable work, not because it came in a visually appealing package. For that reason, Nephilim and I kept it as basic as possible, while still being aesthetically pleasing. 

     Now, The Book of Abrasax having succeeded well beyond our hopes and achieved the degree of regard that it has, and having done so as I intended, solely on its merits and the value of the wisdom within, we are ready to introduce the fine edition. 

     The Magus Edition of The Book of Abrasax will be published in a strictly limited, single run printing and will manifest the work in a form worthy of the God Abrasax and a credit to him. 

Stay tuned here and to Nephilim's Subscriber List for edition details and pre-order.

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